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The rockin' band Water Tower talks new music, roadblocks to rewards and what they're missing the most!

Hey Water Tower! Dope name! Dope band too for sure! That Old-Time Bluegrass music really has us hooked! Tell us what you're working on right now?! Thank YOU HSITC! I really enjoy yalls name too. Honored to be talking with Hot Sounds in the City ! So exciting that you enjoy what we do. One thing that has been constant about our band has been the melding and blending of genres. Right now we are tapping into the Christmas/COVID season by releasing a dance song under my rapper alter-ego, 182 Water, along with producer and rapper Dre Drinkard. The song is about being quarantined on your own "COVID Island" and doing the dance that goes along with it.

Who makes you feel the most empowered about your artistry? I feel most empowered about being able to perform anywhere anytime. I used to experience many roadblocks to performing, but once I went down the path of recovery from addiction, I started to tap into the sunshine of the spirit. Sounds trippy I know, but I actually am able to lead a happy life today, which is very empowering. Even to understand what my own happiness means is empowering. So as an artist, the honor of being able to share my gratitude and freedom with people through music, is the most empowering. What was a roadblock you had that made you take another path, but it ended up being a much better reward? The biggest roadblock was myself and my limited way of thinking. I used to judge every situation as right or wrong, good or bad. Now that I have learned to let go of my attachment to ANY outcome, I can truly start to live a blissful life. Bliss is being happy in THIS moment. In order to be happy now, I need to let go of judgement. For example, I got a positive COVID result today, and instead of being upset, I called the band and told them and we all realized how much fun we can have quarantining together until we dont have it anymore. We can use this time of healing to make more content for our aptly titled song "COVID Island"! See this song was written by the internet ("Producing The Internet" show hosted by Dre Drinkard) six months ago, and we could have NEVER planned for a more perfect release day. On Christmas day we released "COVID island" and we all cancelled our plans to go home so that we can stay safe, together, on our own little island!

What gives you nostalgia about the music industry?

I truly miss touring. I feel nostalgic for the old days of touring. I believe that the old model for the music industry is entirely dead so sometimes I miss that, but mostly I am happy that the control has shifted to the hands of the artist more so than ever before. I miss touring the US, but I also miss touring the UK and Europe. I generally miss getting to hang out with people in person.

You are an awesome band Water Tower! Tell our readers where they can follow everything you got going on!

YOU are awesome! Thank you for such engaging questions!

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