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Max Muscato is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and philanthropist. As a rock artist he brings electrifying performances to every show. Over the last several years Max has gained an extensive following and has toured and opened for: Citizen Cope, Theory of a Deadman, Aaron Carter, Finger Eleven, Eric Gales, Ripe, The Allman Betts Band and more. He is currently working on his next singles Valarie and Toxic & Poison due out in 2022.

In addition to his music career, Max is also the founder of Rock Autism Music Festival and the creator/writer of the new TV show “Setlist.” The show is the truest depiction of their family dynamic while revealing the grind it takes to make it in the music industry. Max's powerful songs written about his brother's struggle with Autism and addiction is a deep-rooted catalyst that drives his passion and career. Proceeds from his festival fund Rock Autism programs for individuals with Autism, connecting them to a career in music and film.

How do you want to break barriers in the music industry as an artist?

I plan to break barriers in the music industry by allowing individuals with Autism to be involved in my crew and potentially on stage. Talk to us about Rock Autism.

I'm the founder & CEO of Rock Autism, Inc; an organization that teaches the basic fundamentals of music and film production, acting, and photography. We also provide on set film and concert internships in the hopes our students will develop a skill and carve out a career path - keeping them free from addiction, incarceration, and suicide. What led you to bring such powerful awareness?

My brother, Sonny Muscato, has autism and is also my drummer. Sonny had a rough life; he dealt with depression, addiction, incarceration, suicide attepmts, and was shot by a drunk, off-duty, corrections officer while trying to the save the life of a drug dealer. What is the ultimate message you want to bring to your audience with the change you want to make?

That individuals with Autism have the potential to create great music and leave a mark in the entertainment industry; a chance my brother never got until Rock Autism was formed. Bringing the heat with your music! What single should fans listen to now?

My newest single, Valarie. Where can fans stream and support the music?

My music is on all streaming platforms. How do you feel about your music right now?

I love where my music is going and I'm excited to release new music for the fans. It'll be an interesting change up for me with the new sound.

How did you come up with the idea for the project you're working on?

I relate everything I write to my brother's struggles. He's my muse and every single song I write stems from him in some form. How did you come up with the visuals?

My brother helps me design a lot of my visuals, he has a natural gift for that. What was behind your determination for your music?

Music has been the only thing that captures my soul. Ever since I could walk I've been listening to music. It's really the only thing that understands me. What was the best part of this passion project?

The best part of this project will be the fact that our Rock Autism students have the chance to work on it as crew members for the music video and our newly produced TV series, "SETLIST." Socials and all links to follow you: Spotify: FB: IG: Youtube: Apple Music: Tiktok: @maxmuscatoooo

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