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The dope duo Run the Fire is talking to us about their new music that just dropped 'Lay Low' and more music dropping soon!

'Lay Low' is a dope song! Can you tell us the behind the scenes of the song?

When we first met with Kyle in October 2020 he was looking for a singer to work with. And he sent some of the cool melodies to check out. Although I was supposed to create a melody for a different song, Lay Low caught my attention right away and I basically created a vocal melody for it super quick. After that we were thinking about what this song could be about. We only have a weird sounding "Lay Lu" in the beginning, which sounded more like a cool name. And then we come up with an idea of this song being more of an expression of inner feelings hidden inside.And to our minds, this is what this song is about. Sometimes we all want to go back to our childhood and forget all of our problems and just feel free and alive again. We think everyone once in a while feels lonely and kind of like an outsider, as if no one can relate to what he or she feels. And we tried to express that in the song.

What's your favorite verse on the single?

All of them are awesome, so it is really hard to choose). But since we love trains, probably this one :

"Riding that train on till the morning light,

How I want to get back to the child I was before

The child I was before..."

How does this compare or differentiate to anything you've done before?

Well, we both come from different tastes of music a little bit, Kyle generally likes darker music, while Alexandrina likes more pop and jazz. I guess this is what makes us unique, we combine a lot of styles and meet somewhere in the middle.

We are like a perfect addition to each other.

When does the full EP drop? What other songs are you excited about on there that you can talk about?

Lay Low just got released mid January 2021 and the full EP is coming out on February 13th, right before Valentines day! We have one very romantic song called "Hold me" on the record and we hope our listeners are going to like it a lot. It has a lot of jazzy notes and overall vibe.

The EP has 7 songs and those songs are all unique! This is our way of communicating to the world of who we are as "Run The Fire". On "Lay Low" Alexandrina is the lead singer, but on our EP we have a few songs, where Kyle is our lead vocalist and we cannot wait to share those!! We are bringing on ambient, ethereal music along with mysterious sounds and darker mood overall.

One of the songs on the EP, called "La Jolla" - is fully instrumental, hence Kyle's rich experience with creating music for films and tv shows. The name also reflects an area in San Diego, CA where we are currently located and basically were we recorded most of the EP.

The songs on the EP are quite different in terms of the music style and vocal performance, so we hope our listeners will find enough variety to listen to.

It is hard to pick a favorite song, we are really excited about all of them! and cannot wait to share it with the world and soon after share even more new songs as well!

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