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Sam Louis Is Set to Release Music Video for New Single “Driftin’”

By: Colin Naughton

Alternative pop, R&B singer, Sam Louis is set to release a music video for his new single “Driftin’.” The single will be released on April 2nd, 2021 and the music video will be released on ______. The Toronto native creates music that emanates feelings of loss and regret while also inducing euphoria. Louis wants to make music that helps listeners heal from any struggles or difficulties they are facing.

“Driftin’” is an upbeat, inspirational track. Sam Louis’ voice is highlighted and is the true star of this song. The music has a good beat and rhythm to it providing energy while matching the vibe and tone of the song and lyrics. Sam sings about being lost in this world but trying to find his way in the world. Which I think is something a lot of us can relate to. Life can be difficult to navigate especially in this world that we currently live in. “Driftin’” can provide some comfort and guidance for those that need it while still trying to find their place or path in the world and get their life on the right track for success and happiness. The music video does a good job in portraying this message and feeling and Sam is lost wandering around trying to find his path in life.

You will be able to stream “Driftin’” on your preferred streaming service on April 2nd and you will be able to watch the music video on YouTube April 7th. You can pre-save the music now! You can also follow Sam Louis on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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