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Country/Americana songwriter Drew Haley is fueled by deep love: love for the art of storytelling, love for the classic rock and blues music she grew up on, and love for her husband and three children. Her voice exudes a subtle yet soulful power, inspired by the tight country harmonies of the Judds and the Dixie Chicks as well as the effortless cool of alt-rockers Jewel and Sheryl Crow. An agile, candid songwriter, Haley has developed a country-leaning, narrative style rooted in real experience, with hope and healing at the emotional core of each song. As an artist, she finds strength in both spirituality and self-reflection, and she views songwriting as a vital therapeutic outlet: “I always have a melody floating around in my head, and I have to get it out. My goal is to make music that uplifts others—especially young girls, moms, and anyone who is struggling.”

Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene and what is the biggest difference between your first piece of music to your latest!

I started singing 3 part harmony with my grandmother and aunt when I was in junior high so that's pretty much where it all began. I wrote my first song when I was 12 and I've been writing ever since. My music is always evolving I think.. It's been over 20 years for me so I've definitely covered a lot of topics and genres over that period of time.

What are you doing to push a positive message as the year comes to an end and there is a new beginning coming up with this new year?

I'm focused on being less busy and using my time wisely. I've always struggled with ADD and have to constantly get myself back on track and finish what I start. I'm that way with writing songs.. I'll start writing a new one and then put it down, forget about it completely and then rediscover it months later and finally finish it.

Could you talk about a success that happened this year that you would attribute to all your hard work?

This year was a "sewing season" for me mostly. I spent lots of time in the studio finishing up my new songs and booking shows for spring/summer 2023. It took a lot longer than I anticipated and there were some setbacks but I've learned to trust timing. Things don't always work on our timeline and that's usually for a reason.

Could you talk about an obstacle that you persevered through?

I've certainly gone through plenty of obstacles. Covid really threw all of my plans out the window in 2020. I'd worked really hard for almost a year to book a European tour that fall and it was obviously canceled. I felt like giving up at that point and going a different direction but when I write a song, I feel like there's a purpose in it. It's something that's meant to be shared and pursued and I always hope they reach people. It's such a hard business and full of disappointments but at the end of my life I wanna leave something behind and that's it. Even if it's just for my kids to enjoy.. that's enough for me.

How do you think these experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music?

If I never had any heartache, any obstacles, any setbacks, any failure, any highs and lows then what would I have to write about?? I don't think anyone would be able to relate to someone that only sang or talked about how easy life is and how perfectly everything comes together all the time. It's from our most challenging experiences and rock bottom moments where we decide to either have grit and push through, don't give up or we can quit because it's too hard. I've done both and I guess I just got tired of quitting bc that never leads to an easier path anyways.. Only regret.

How do you continue to develop your community of fans over the years?

Social media has made that easy, thankfully! I have fans that have followed me from my myspace days haha

Thank you for sharing all your music with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

Yes! February will be when my next single drops and I can't wait. Following that one will be 4 more back to back. I'm excited for what this new year is gonna bring and am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you all. Thank you so much for your support.

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