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Single Review: Katie Ferrara Releases New Single “On Her Path” For International Women’s Day

By: Colin Naughton

Alternative pop singer-songwriter, Katie Ferrara, has released a new single “On Her Path” in celebration of International Women’s Day. Ferrara began her career as a musician by busking on the streets of Burbank, California. She has a charming voice with vintage vibes similar to that of Norah Jones.

“On Her Path” tells the story of a mother embarking on her journey to obtain clean water for her family. Which is a struggle that many people have to endure all around the world. Many people, oftentimes women, travel dangerous/rugged terrain to get clean water and bring it back to their homes for drinking or even bathing. “On Her Path” makes you realize the simple things that you take for granted in life. So many people around the world do not have the freedoms and fortunes that we have been blessed with. Ferrara has found a way to make a song that really makes you appreciate and value the little things in life that you have and don’t have to think twice about.

“On Her Path” is a beautiful song with a touching story. Ferrara’s voice is so soothing, she has a wonderful voice that perfectly fits the feeling and emotions of the track. The music has a good rhythm to it, with upbeat drumming and very melodic guitar playing. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. This song puts on display Ferrara’s songwriting abilities as well as her talent as a performer. Her singing has a way of making your worries fade as you look around to appreciate all you have.

You can stream “On Her Path” on your preferred streaming service as well as follow Katie Ferrara on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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