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Single Review: Natasha Jane Julian Releases New Single “Brother Brother”

By: Colin Naughton

Pop singer, Natasha Jane Julian, has released a new song “Brother Brother,” which was released December 11th, 2020. A music video to go along with the single will be released on February 12th, 2021.

“Brother Brother” starts out with beautiful piano playing that is so pleasant to the ear, paired with Natasha’s soothingly smooth voice it creates a wonderful piece of music. The lyrics are very emotional and powerful, which is something that really shows a true musician’s songwriting abilities. I love the background harmonies, giving depth to the vocals on the track. The drums that begin at the hook of the song sound great, beaming with power and emotion, helping to set the mood and energy of the rest of the song. Natasha Jane Julian’s vocals on “Brother Brother” are excellent! She is able to showcase her vocal range and highlight her angelic voice.

This new single is touching, sad, and heartwarming. The melodies are beautiful and the lyrics deep. Natasha Jane Julian provides listeners with a song that is very personal and vulnerable. You can hear the love and connection she has as she sings of her past experiences and relationships. It’s a sad song but also a love song at the same time. It’s truly beautiful, a great piece of music that allows listeners to connect with the artist and relate to the art being created. The music video for “Brother Brother” is a perfect fit for the song, it really adds to the power and emotion within the song and allows you to develop an even deeper connection to the music.

You can stream “Brother Brother” on your preferred streaming platform and the music video will be available on YouTube. You can follow Natasha Jane Julian on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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