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Single Review: Natasha Jane Julian Releases New Single “Just Breathe”

Written By Colin Naughton

Singer/songwriter from California, Natasha Jane Julian, has released a new single titled “Just Breathe” on July 2nd, 2021. Creating music that is thought provoking, pure, powerful, melodic and dreamy. Her songs expose the holes in humanity in a beautiful way. Natasha’s main musical influences are Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Kate Bush and Sia.

Natasha Jane Julian delivers a beautiful track in “Just Breathe.” This is an emotionally inspiring song, with relatable and comforting lyrics. The emotions in “Just Breathe” give us a sense of vulnerability provided by Natasha as she sings. We feel pain, sorrow, sadness, joy, relief and so much more. She has given us a song to listen to during our good times and bad. It can help motivate us and assure us that things will be alright in the end, we just need to simply breathe. This song gives such a lovely message to listeners, which is something Natasha Jane Julian achieves in all of her music! Musically the track is great, the drumming, bass guitar work and guitar playing fits perfectly with the sad and inspiring mood of the song. Going from a slower more emotional feeling during the verses to an energetic and upbeat vibe during the chorus, it’s fantastic!

You can stream “Just Breathe” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Natasha Jane Julian on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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