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Single Review: Off Wing Releases New Single “Flow”

By Colin Naughton

Surf Rock band from Worcester, Massachusetts, Off Wing, released a new single called “Flow” July 30th, 2021. Off Wing is made up of Conor O’Reilly (Vocals and Guitar), Matt Fitzgerald (Bass guitar) and Matt Cloutier (Drums). The band blends sounds from classic rock, 2000’s alternative and modern day garage surf rock.

“Flow” starts with a really cool guitar riff and chord progression that sets the surf rock tone beautifully. It immediately puts you in a calm and relaxed state of mind. Once the drumming kicks in you almost have to stop yourself from grabbing your beach stuff and heading to the coast. It’s a great summer song with a wonderful tone and atmosphere, making your worries wash away with the music. This track reminds me of something like the Beach Fossils, or Surf Curse or The Growlers would produce, all of which are token surf rock names. Off Wing creates a sound that just puts you in a good mood, “Flow” has such a fantastic vibe to it; I can’t help but picture my friends and I skating around the neighborhood or just relaxing on the sand while we listen to this song. I really love it!

Check out Off Wing’s new single “Flow” on your preferred streaming platform and follow Off Wing on Instagram!

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