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Single Review: Ronan Ace Releases New Single “Stitch This Bridge”

by Colin Naughton

Singer songwriter, Ronan Ace, will be releasing new single “Stitch This Bridge” on April 25th, 2021. This will be his second single released in his young musical career. Ace first started pursuing his dream of being a musician in 2020 and is expected to release a six song EP in the coming year.

“Stitch This Bridge” is a heartfelt, uplifting track. It has folk vibes to it with wonderful vocals and melodic chord progressions on the guitar that sounds lovely. The drumming is fantastic and really sets the tone for the song, keeping good rhythm energy and creating a calming musical tone. Ronan has a unique voice, it is very comforting, soothing and altogether beautiful. Ace sings of romance and the bond between two people that are in love. It is a strong single for such a young musician just breaking out onto the scene.

You will be able to stream “Stitch This Bridge” starting April 25th and you can follow Ronan’s career on Instagram.

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