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Single Review: Showpiece Releases New Single “Kill Me With Your Money”

Written by Colin Naughton

Nashville based Rock band, Showpiece, has released a new single “Kill Me With Your Money” which was released on July 15th, 2021. Showpiece is made up of Alex Berka (guitar/songwriter), James Richardson (lead vocals), Nick Amend (drums), Will Lynde (keyboards and vocals) and Kirk Gower (drums).

“Kill Me With Your Money” starts with a strong powerful intro rock and roll guitar riff. Once the drumming kicks in you get a rush of energy that pulsates throughout your body. Your foot starts tappin’ and you start nodding your head to the music. The track has a great rhythm and groove to it that draws in the listener. I like the vocal harmonies and the chorus of the song, it’s very catchy. Towards the end of the song Berka breaks out with a killer electric guitar solo!! With great uses of bends, hammer ons and pull offs. It does a great job tying the rest of the song together and doesn’t go off course which is very important in a good guitar solo. Overall “Kill Me With Your Money” is a very catchy rock and roll tune that is perfect for this society we currently live in where money rules all.

You can stream “Kill Me With Your Money” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Showpiece on Instagram and Facebook!

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