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The wait is ALMOST over with new music from Indré!

What hot new sounds do you have on the way?

We’ve got our first single from the album coming out on July 9th! It’s a song called The Stream. The Stream is about doing the inner work to find peace. I wanted to write something that had a big sound to match a big message in hopes to empower people. You can pre-save The Stream right here!

What sounds can we listen to now?

You can listen to us on any streaming service! Our album “Serenity” as well as a couple singles are available right here!

What do you want everyone to take from your music?

I want these songs to be tools. I am really eager to share our new music with the world, because I truly believe in these songs. Music has been a tool for me in my personal life for a very long time. It has been an outlet for sadness, happiness, and everything in between. I want to create that for other people in my writing.

What is the biggest success for you so far?

I think writing this second album has been a personal success for me. I wrote from a very vulnerable place, and it’s really nerve racking to share those stories. We cannot wait to share and play this music all over!

Media links!!

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