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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

On March 18th, CVMILLE debuted her EP, SuperBaby with her heart in hand and handed it to her fans. The smooth vocals and dreamlike artistry CVMILLE brings in this project gives you an inside look at her life. The six song project begins with “intro” to set the scene of where this EP will take you. Beginning with dazy floating vocals and instrumentals, it leads you into “fool (for love)”, an anthem to a love that consumes all of your emotions.

baby don't” is an assertive piece, relaying CVMILLE’S inner voice as she ponders over questions she holds. This piece brings an edgier sound into the EP. Each track is representative of the trials and joys we all face in life and love. As a Latin & Alternative artist, CVMILLE sprinkles in pieces of a variety of sounds into each song she writes. “sin sensor” features her Spanish speaking background throughout, featuring a strong beat that melts into the vocals.

space inside my head” picks up the tempo leading us to the end of the EP with "valen's outro”, a final ode to claiming your confidence and independence. You can truly hear and feel the growth CVMILLE makes as you ride through the entire EP SuperBaby. This project is the perfect blend for a chill listening vibe, or for when you really want to soak in the message of the lyrics and dive deep into its sound.

Stream and support CVMILLE'S debut EP SuperBaby today!

For more CVMILLE follow her Instagram!

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