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Ted Scallan and Delta Boogie: “Uncle Ted” Scallan of New Orleans, Louisiana - Guitar, Vocals, Slide, Harp, Songwriter…Inspired and influenced through endless studio sessions and live performances, Ted continues to immerse himself with writing and performing while maintaining his down to earth style and lyrics. Those having seen Ted’s performances can testify to a double dose of Ted grabbing hold of the grooves while combining slashing guitar skills soaring over floating progressions. The band’s live performances are always appropriately described as “awesome” drawing listeners who appreciate great songwriting combined with a seasoned, dynamic, and get-up, get-funky, get moving showmanship. The Ted Scallan Band is best described as delivering a blend of Blues, Rhythm & Rocking Blues with that unmistakable and distinctive New Orleans sound.

Having grown up learning and performing in the middle of the “Music Explosion” of the 60’, 70’s, 80’s. His unique musical background was not necessarily by design but more of reveling in the abundance of musical creativity and diversity with influences that stretch across the archives of musical history. His early travels took him as an accomplished regional player to performing in studio’s (Lucky K Studio, Sea-Saint Studio) and concert engagements throughout the country. Uncle Ted carries heavy road experience that included east coast appearances/collaborations with Johnny Winter, Leon Russell, Ted Nugent, Bachman Turner Overdrive -BTO, Charlie Daniels, T Graham Brown, Dr. John, Wet Willie (Singer and Founder - Jimmy Hall) and various additional recording artist and performances.

Residing in Central Florida over the last 15 years, Ted continues to perform at Festivals and Venues throughout and beyond Florida but still remains no stranger to his own work and collaborations with other artists in his vast studio relationships.

“Uncle Ted’s” published Music from 2-CD's can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon music, CD Baby, Facebook, Pandora and others. Ted Scallan and his band “Delta Boogie”(also Solo/Duo shows) provides music from an extensive library of songs to include: original recordings released, classic rock, rocking rhythm & blues, soul, Americana and folk.

Without fail, show audiences love to dance and most importantly stay for the entire show… always satisfied and encores are a regular occurrence.

“Keeping that High Energy, Rocking Rhythm” with a New Orleans twist …

What is the biggest tip you followed when creating your sound?

Listening to similar artist and getting into their's about feeling and telling the story through the music.

How did the sound evolve from the start to the finish?

Years, Practice, Years, Practice and other artist.

Any tricks up your sleeve when making the music?

General recording and studio work is extremely important, there's nowhere to hide flaws in recording

Was there a collection of ideas that you had or did you have a really specific idea on the music?

It all starts with collection of ideas then you narrow it down to specifics. It's a delicate balance between the song story line and the supporting music

How much time do you demand of yourself to focus on music?

As much as life allows... The saying in the recording environment ..."Take a break to give your ears (and mind) a rest"

Do you have any tips or tricks for our audience on how to manage your time when it comes to making sure your music is on track for release?

Again, it's a life balance remembering that "TIME" is the most important gift we all have and use it wisely.

Give us links and all to hear the music and follow you!

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