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Meet the bold and inspiring Singer/ Songwriter Kendra Chantelle as she gets real about her latest single "I Still Believe", new beliefs she has and a touching story about someone believing in themselves because of her song!

Kendra Chantelle! Thank you for talking with us today! You are such a talent in your latest song "I Still Believe"! Can you tell us a belief you never thought you'd have but do today?

Thank you so much for having me here today and thanks for the kind words regarding my latest single "I Still Believe". I think it took me a long time to truly believe in the importance of rest and self care- I used to suffer heavily from extreme perfectionism and productivity was my drug of choice but the last couple of years, thankfully, I have begun to realize now how important it is to knock things off your list with some good old down time too. Cheers to new beliefs!

Tell us with 2020 coming to a close, what do you have in the works for your music now and what's coming up for you in the new year?!

I cannot believe 2020 is almost over! In some ways it feels like it just began and in others, it feels like we've been in this year for a century!! I'm excited for the top of 2021 because a compilation album I collaborated on (Write by the Sea Vol 3) will be out Jan 30 and I am super proud of my contribution to the project and in awe of the other elements the other artists added. I'm also happy to continue supporting my new album "Carousel" that I just released and hopefully will get to go play some live shows in the new year!

Do you have any unreleased work that you are unsure about releasing? Why?

I don't have any unreleased work that I'm unsure of releasing- I definitely have tons of songs I've written nobody will ever hear but I am 100% sure that's the right decision! I have lots of songs that are stepping stones to the ones I want to share, or healing "diary entries" of songs that have no business reaching anyone else's ears. I have started writing a ton of new material in the last couple of weeks- songs always come in waves for me and I knew that until I released my album "Carousel" I probably wouldn't get many new ideas but now that she's out in the world, the ideas are flowing! I think some of them may become my next recorded project so I may get to share them with you all!

What was the moment that made you go "this is why I'm an artist"?

I have had lots of reaffirming moments that seem minor but are so major to confirm why I chose art. The most recent that comes to mind is a former vocal student of mine reached out after I released "I Still Believe" and said "your song inspired me to share with my friends that I'm bisexual, thank you for encouraging me" and I was just so blown away. To think that I had a rough day that inspired a heartfelt song that ended up making someone feel SO heard, they could open up about who they truly are is such a gift. I will never take that for granted. Art is such an honor!

Love what you're all about Kendra! Let our followers know where they can follow YOU and listen to "I Still Believe"!!!

Thank you! So lovely chatting with you today! Everyone can follow me at and here is a link to my music, merch, website and more:

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