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The musical artist Omar Veluz does it all! He makes us want to dance, sing and take care of our hair!

Omar! First off we have to talk about this hair care line you have going on?! Please share with us how that came about?! Awwwee. Thank you so much. My hair has always been a huge part of my career. Being a performing artist your image is something the public looks into/for. I remember one day when I was speaking with a former Publicist and they advised me to let my hair grow out. I then remembered a recipe someone had given to me many years back when I was worried that I was losing my hair. I know that growing my hair out, I would face the insecurity of losing or looking like I had thin hair. So I brought the recipe back out and started really taking my hair seriously. After about 1 year of re-using the recipe, which I had 6 years prior, I got the idea to share this with the world. The recipe works so well that I felt that it was a secret I needed to share with everyone. That is when I decided to recreate my home-made recipe into a more precise formulation. It was very important for me to create a formulation that was 100% Organic made of pure oils. It is also important for me to manually extract both master ingredients in the formulation to have full control of potency and overall unique creation. I have used my hair recipe for 6 years and it has kept my hair looking healthy and has decreased the amount of hair loss where I apply the product. Are you excited for 2021 when it comes to your music?

Absolutely. I am most excited about my next release which is a theme song to a horror movie titled "Scare Us" and the song titled "Do You Really Wanna". This song has been completed for almost a year and it will finally be released. The music video, which was shot in October 2020, Covid regulated wearing masks of course, is really spectacular and is unlike any other release I've had. I can't wait for all of you to listen to the song and to watch the music video. What kind of projects are you anticipating on releasing next year?

Having done "Do You Really Wanna", which is an Industrial Rock style song, has opened a whole new genre for me to explore. I like to explore with all sorts of sounds. I have never shied away from trying new and experimental things. I have a few new songs that speak about some of my past relationships and how I've been able to handle a few bad breakups. I also have a few dance songs in the works and hopefully in 2021 I will be releasing a Holiday Album. Are you exploring any genre changes to your music?

I don't anticipate changing genres entirely. I am a dance artist and my live performances rely quite a bit on dancing. "Do You Really Wanna" and a demo titled "Bat out of Hell" both have opened me up to an Industrial Rock genre. I do hope to explore more of that. Overall, I find it very interesting and exciting to be able to offer a variety of sounds to the industry as an artist. I always lean into new projects with the utmost positivity possible. If in the future I am asked to create a project that is something unlike anything else I've done before, I will for sure jump on it and do the best I can as it will only grow my abilities to a much higher and competitive level.

Thank you for talking with us! Please tell our followers where we can go and support your hair care and music!!

Thank you so much!!!


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