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Please catch the GREAT Jazz Performer Lizzie Thomas at her 'Holiday Show' featuring her wonderful band John Di Martino on Piano, Neal Miner on Bass, Carmen Intorre Jr on Drums and Aaron Heck on Sax, Clarinet AND flute. Get your tickets on TODAY!

THE hot sound in the city right now is your upcoming HOLIDAY show! Congratulations! What are you most excited about the performance? The band, the people, the venue! It’s going to be a show of all shows! My band is tremendous, John Di Martino on piano, Neal Miner on bass, Carmen Intorre JR on drums and Aaron Heick on sax & flute. What are your favorite songs you'll be performing? Well, I’ve created some Holiday medleys which are really fun and touch on the classics. I’ll be performing a Jobim song that I have worked on for a long time. When it comes to Brazilian music, I’ll spend a lifetime trying to master the feel of syncopated effortless cool. I also love Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…..You’ll have to come to the show to find out if I sing it! What are you looking forward to most when you sit in front of an audience and perform? Being able to create in real time is the heartbeat of why I love performing live. The band and I are having musical conversations, so receiving immediate reactions from the listener is thrilling. There is this ability to enter into the 5th dimension when I sing, so I’m always looking forward to those moments as well. How do you gain perspective about your music when you bring fans into it? Really interesting question. I think as an artist you are so immersed in your music, that it is hard to take a step back and view it with an outsider's lense. When you hear the listeners point of view, you can get a better idea on how they are perceiving and receiving you and your music. I listen to feedback and then check in with myself and take it or leave it. We all have different opinions and I think that’s what makes life interesting! After the big show, how will you celebrate? I love to celebrate after the show with friends and fans! Having a glass of bubbly or wine is a must. There is always a deep exhale afterwards. I can cleanse my brain for a brief moment. Then, the creative ideas start coming again. What are you working towards most to prepare for the big show? The musical arrangements and communication of them with the band are important aspects. I am a huge planner and I need to feel extremely prepared for the gig. Rehearsals prior to the show are important and really allow me to get lost in the music. I work on lyrics weeks in advance and marinate on them. I think them, write them and analyze them. Then when it’s show time, I relax and let it flow. Are tickets still available? How can fans go and watch you perform? There are still a couple of tickets remaining for the show. Reserved seating is available at Chelsea Table & Stage website(be sure to push the 17th for the show date). This is a dinner show so come hungry!! IF you can't catch me this Friday, check out my website and also my instagram account. Drop all your streaming links to make sure to get continued support on all you do!! IG @LizzietheJazzSinger FB @LizzietheJazzSinger YouTube Lizzie Thomas Listen to Santa Baby Listen to New Sound From the Jazz Age

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