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Why Crooked Forest decided to be confident to share her music.

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to right now?

Aside from my latest releases “Camp” and “Driveway” I’d also recommend fans of my stuff check out some other great tracks by Toronto based rock bands,, like “Alone Together” by Benhur and “Control Freak” by Church on Sunday

We need to know more about your name 'Crooked Forest'! How did it come about?

It was sort of a happy accident. Honestly I was just scrolling around Twitter one day when I saw someone post about this place in Poland called the Crooked Forest. It’s a real forest in the northern part of Poland near Gryfino, West Pomerania, where a cluster of pine trees have grown with J or hook-shaped trunks, and it’s the only place in the world like it. If you read about it, they’re still not wholly sure how it happened and there are a lot of theories, but it still remains a bit of a mystery. It felt like the perfect way to describe what I was doing at the time, and given I’m Polish-Canadian, a fitting way to bridge my Polish ancestry with my Canadian upbringing.

What has changed in your artistry over the years?

I think for a long time when I was beginning to write and be creative in any sense, there was a lot of secrecy about it, either because I was too nervous to share it with anyone else, or because of my perfectionist-attitude at the time about it, “it’s not ready, don’t look!”. Now, I’m more confident in what I work on and why I’m working on it, so I’m not as afraid to show it in pieces or parts; I’m no longer that perfectionist, and I think that’s helped me in a lot of ways because I’m not afraid to try things I feel are out of my realm or, I don’t take the criticism so poorly anymore so it doesn’t set me back. The work itself is still very much, just me, talking about stuff.

Where is your favorite place to go and write?

I still feel most comfortable writing anywhere I can prop out some paper, pens, a laptop and my acoustic guitar - those are my “necessary items” most of the time. Because I generally reach a certain point with writing where I prefer to refine the wording on a computer screen. Which means, generally, my favourite place is anywhere I can do that alone, because I need to keep myself otherwise as free of all distractions as possible. These days, that's still my bedroom.

Where is your favorite place to go and record?

Incidentally, also my bedroom! Any quiet space with enough space for a mic or two and my guitar is really all I need. I genuinely miss going to pro studios to record, though, because it gives a whole new feeling to the recording process as a whole, but I’m otherwise content just tracking in my bedroom, between my bed and my desk, as most of my releases have been done so far.

What should fans be streaming now?

I’d really love for people to check out “Driveway” if they could right now. It’s a really important story to me because it’s about my friend Robert’s suicide that happened about 10 years ago now. It took me many years to finally write something about it and I’m really proud of the track. I’m hoping it helps people feel more comfortable discussing suicide with their friends and families, suicidal idealation or thoughts, and I hope if they need them, they know there are resources available to get help with those things, because suicide effects everybody but it’s never the answer.

How can fans follow you?

All sorts of ways! I use most social media channels at this stage and I treat them all a little differently, so there’s some stuff you might find on one channel that you won't find anywhere else, so it’s best to keep up with all of them :)






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