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Suite Clarity is a 2-time Grammy-considered female-fronted hard rock band based in Tacoma, Washington, mixing elements of rock, metal, jazz, and even classical styles to create their sound. Their skillful usage of instrument virtuosity quickly led to a degree of success on YouTube, garnering over 30K subscribers in a few short years. Formed by the Corso Brothers, Anthony and Aaron, and McKinzie Malcolm, Suite Clarity released their first album in 2018, Transcendence. The Enigma in 2019 served as the band’s Sophomore outing as the first part in a string of concept albums. In September of 2021, the band released the sequel titled Duality.

Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene and what is the biggest difference between your first piece of music to your latest!

Music has always been a huge part of our lives, as we've all been playing instruments and been interested in music since we were young children. Our entry into the music scene was always going to happen! As far as the changes in music between our first release to our latest, it's all been about our maturation as musicians and as people. Our first release was when we were still in high school (or the first few years of college), and we were still learning how to navigate the waters. Since then, our music tastes have changed and our chops have dramatically improved, resulting in our newer music being more identifiable as "us."

What are you doing to push a positive message as the year comes to an end and there is a new beginning coming up with this new year?

Our entire brand is about continuing to embrace yourself and overcoming obstacles. All our albums deal with these issues, and those who follow our socials know we're pretty candid about who we are and how we've embraced ourselves no matter what others think. It's a very healthy way to be and we try to encourage others to feel confident enough to do the same.

Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful for any upcoming changes happening?

At this point, we've experienced a lot of what the music industry (and life in general) has to offer, so changes are pretty regular. We're adept at rolling with the punches, and most of the time, they're embraced with little change in routine. It's all about taking things in stride and never taking yourself too seriously!

Could you talk about a success that happened this year that you would attribute to all your hard work?

The band went out on our first DIY tour, which felt great to finally do! We had this tour booked back in 2020, but COVID restrictions shut that down pretty quickly. That tour was the amalgamation of 2.5 years of hard work (and a lot of waiting)!

Could you talk about an obstacle that you persevered through?

The biggest obstacle this year was, as we talked about before, booking this tour. It took a crazy amount of time for one reason: everyone is booking again now that restrictions are lifted. It was a struggle to find venues to host shows and bands to play with because everyone was already working. Of course, this is a good thing, as hopefully the live music scene is continuing to bounce back, but it did make booking our run much more difficult.

How do you think these experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music?

That obstacle definitely shaped how we're taking our career moving forward. You have to become a much more confident, tenacious version of yourself to successfully book these outings, because you're basically conducting a business deal with the venues hosting the show, and they don't want to work with people who might not perform well. You have to approach them from a place of confidence to show that you have what it takes to put together a successful event.

How do you continue to develop your community of fans over the years?

All of us are very active on our socials, and we have our own dedicated Discord server and Patreon. All these are places for fans and those interested in our music to go and interact with us. It fosters a sense of community, which is always fun!

Thank you for sharing all your music with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

Don't tell anyone, but we are currently recording our next album to be released in the latter half of 2023!

Socials for everything happening NEXT!

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