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Stream Genevva's debut album out NOW!

What hot new sounds are in the works right now with your music?

We have our debut album "Slip Away" coming out July 9th, 2021 - very excited about it! So ready to get it out. Also, in a few weeks we're going to record live versions of the songs.

We love your music videos! Which one was the most fun to create?

Outside of Cleveland was so much fun to make. We're big Wes Anderson fans and we wanted to make something with that kind of aesthetic. It was fun to play around and act like kids again. We released a teaser for it and we're gearing up to release the full video soon.

Which one had the most challenges?

One of our favorite videos we did was under our old name (Frederick the Younger) for the song "Back to Wall." Our friend Matt Fulks made the video and there were alot of different set changes and locations. There wasn't any major hiccup, it was just the most involved video we've ever done. It was fun to work with someone with such a great eye and so much experience.

What should fans be listening to/ watching of yours NOW?

Listen to our new album "Slip Away" out NOW on all streaming platforms! We really love this music and we hope you do too. And keep an eye out for the Outside of Cleveland video!

Give us all your socials! You're such a dope band!

Thanks!! Spotify: Apple music: Genevva's YouTube here:

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