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Singing sensation and hair maven Omar Veluz is diving into 2021 with his haircare, Hot Sounds, a healthy body, mind and happiness!

You are super dope Omar! Music and haircare? Tell us how you've been able to explore other industries?

Thank you very much for thinking I am dope! :) I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur since I was a little kid. Being focused on my music career allows me to build a following that are very interested in things that are important in my life. When I create an idea, such as my hairline, Voke Hair, I make sure that it is a product that I believe in and live by. I have been using my hair formulation for the past 6 years to help me regrow my hair and maintain healthy hair. It wasn't until last year that I finally decided to go public with my hair care routine. My formulation is 100% organic and made of 100% pure natural ingredients. I have been very lucky to be able to focus on things that I like and that are very important to me in my life. Learning a lot more than I had ever expected about hair makes me feel that much happier that I've allowed myself to let my hair grow long.

What new hot sounds are you currently working on?

It is interesting that you ask what new sounds I am working on, because my next song release is unlike anything I have ever done before. I was chosen to create a song that will be used as the theme song to a Horror Movie. The title of the movie is "Scare Us" and the song is titled "Do You Really Wanna". The sound is Industrial Rock, something that I have never done before and I do not regret going down that route one bit. I discovered a whole new side to my artistry that I wasn't sure I had in me. Unlike all the fun up-beat dance tracks I have created, this is much darker. The lyrics are intense and the performance in the music video is dark, perfect for a horror movie. It was an incredible project to work on. The movie, music video, and song are to be released a little later this year (2021).

Is there anything that your fans don't know about you that you think they should know?

Is there anything that I would like my fans to know about me that they don't know already? Hahaha!!! This sounds like a loaded question. One of my absolute favorite snacks is a spoonful of peanut butter dunked in popcorn. I have eaten this for lunch in the past because I love it so much! I love the smoothness of peanut butter and the salty crunchy texture of popcorn, together the two taste amazing.

2021 feels like a big year already! How are you keeping motivated?

2021 does feel like a big year already! I am looking forward to this year. To stay motivated I like to get a workout every day. Working out allows me to focus and keep a solid mindset to take on the challenges that present themselves everyday. I have loved fitness since I was a child. I believe a healthy body encourages a healthy mind. I drink a lot of tea throughout the day as well to keep me focused. A sugar cookie also does the trick. It is important to treat yourself with things you like everyday to stay motivated and to get quality work done. Happiness plays a huge part in the kind of work I like to produce. :)

What is a personal goal and career goal you have for yourself this year?

My personal goal for this year is to go on vacation overseas. I have been able to make many friends throughout the world in 2020, during lockdown, and now I am excited to meet many people I met around the world in person. As for my career goal, if I had a wish, I would like to secure a role in a movie. In addition to music, I have acted since I was a child. I would love to play a part in a movie that will allow me to lose myself and embrace a completely different persona, this to me can be like therapy.

You have so much going on! Where can we find it all?

Website: Instagram: @omarveluzmusic TikTok: @omarveluzmusic Spotify: Facebook. YouTube: Twitter: @omarveluz Website:

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