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Photo Credit: Alyssa Marie

Fern from the dynamite band, The Foes of Fern talks there being no band without his Foes, new music and music that won't ever be released!

The Foes of Fern! Can you tell us about how the name came about?

The Foes of Fern name has a couple meanings for me. Firstly, I was originally going to go with "Fern and Friends" but that just felt kinda bland so I decided to flip it. It's important to me that the word "Foes" is first because it really is about all my bandmates. There would be no band without my Foes. Also I'm a big fan of stories and TV shows and every story would mean nothing without the villains. Batman with no criminals would just be a story of some boring rich guy who can fight well but never has to. Our own stories need drama, action, and challenges. There would be none of that without the Foes in your life.

Your music is dope! We love the music videos too! Can you talk about a particular project that was the most fun to make and one that had its challenges? All our videos have been a blast to film! The whole dance scene for Carpe Diem and the scene of me just eating an entire ice cream cake were some fun highlights. As for challenging projects..There was this one video that we tried filming for "Lydia" we spent a couple days filming and attempted 6 different cuts of the video that we just had to trash the whole project. It is currently sitting on some hard drive at my producer Pom's house and it will stay there forever. What kind of music do you want to make this year? This year we will continue to work on our second album. Set to be released 2/22/2022. (We love a good theme.) I want the music to feature the fantastic musicians I've been working with and start to define the Foes of Fern sound more. My Foes want to be more Ska. I will fight that with my dying breath. Do you make music for the band or for the fans? How do you go about keeping a balance if it's for both? It's definitely a balance of both! We kinda take it song by song. A song like "Ghosts (Girl in All My Songs)* was written more for me then the fans. It's like 7 minutes long, has 3 different solos, and so many random instruments on it. If we were smart we would have made a 4-5 minute version but I love everything that happens in the song so I didn't want to cut anything. "If We Were Ska" (which will be released in about a week) is a song that I 100 percent wrote for the fans. I can not begin to describe how much I can't stand Ska music but I had so many people ask me to write a ska song so I just did it a few days ago. It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in one day. And It will take a whole lot of begging for me to ever play it live. Share your socials and how the readers can listen to your music!

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