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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Foreseeing Fools highlight new and current music!

What hot new sounds are in the works right now with your music?

The Foreseeing Fools are working on some new material. This LP will be coming out in spring of 2022. There will be a full-length vinyl with a remake of a few of their earlier EPs and their new songs. This will be the first time the Foreseeing Fools will be using tube amplifiers and killer pedals. The last EPs, they used a modular setup. With a helix and Friedman modular amplifier. They are very excited to be creating their unique sound with a different setup. Magnatone Amplifiers give the songs a very clean warm tone, but they can get downright dirty when needed. Jimbob also upgraded to Milkman Half & Half Amplifiers. The Milkman sounds phenomenal with the fretless Rickenbacker bass. With the new setup the Foreseeing Fools are able to really hone in their signature sound.

What does it mean to you when you create new music?

For the Foreseeing Fools creating music is the highlight of their day. Being able to leave the worries and stress behind them and just let their minds wander and see where the music leads them. They own their own business and that can be overwhelming sometimes. They used to drink to escape the troubles of life, but now they use the love of creating music. Also, the drinking was getting in the way of creating. Now they just play and write songs to relieve tension. CC and Jimbob say “there's something magical when writing what’s on our minds. Get it out of our heads, so we don’t dwell on it anymore. When it all comes together, and we can hear it back once it is all finished, it is such an accomplishment. Makes all that hard work worth it.”

Which song of yours holds the most meaning?

For CC the song that holds the most meaning is the one that they just wrote. That will be coming out in the spring of 2022. She was having a hard time with the covid pandemic and had a little bit of a breakdown. She was able to write the song in one day. It was a strong impulse to get her message out. She says “I love this song because I wrote it in the darkest time in my adult life. I really put all my emotions out on this song. I don’t think everyone will understand, but those who will, I hope they like it as much as I do.”

In the words of the wise Jimbob “I write what makes me happy or sad. Just depends on my mood on any given day. So, all the songs have meaning to me, I like all the songs the same. Each one has some kind of meaning to me, one song is just as important as the others.”

What should fans be listening to NOW?

“Whiskey and Riots” is one of Foreseeing Fools top songs that fans love off of the EP “Put the Devil in Hell.” “Straight Shooter” is another fan favorite. “Straight Shooter” is a little bit more upbeat. In Jimbob’s and CC’s opinion, you should listen to the whole EP, “Put the Devil in Hell.” That EP has a story to it. If you listen from song one to the last song it has a music screenplay feeling. A Girl meets a guy, they fall in love, it gets toxic, then someone dies. They didn’t mean for that to happen but once they finished the four songs on “Put the Devil in Hell” they quickly heard a story behind the EP. take a listen and let them know if you can picture it as well.

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