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Khiana Noel describes why her music connects with her fans.

What hot new sounds should new fans be streaming right NOW?

How many artists can I list? I've gotten to work with so many amazing people, I've gotta give 'em a shout. If you need new music, go on Spotify and search for Katie Mac, Arlo, ACORN, Hoang, Alexis Donn, Christina Tripp, TyDay, Ali Henderson, and DEQR. Those are my PEOPLE. And between them there's something for everyone. Can I include a shameless plug? I have three songs out so far - Never Mine, When You Really, and Fine Line.

How would you describe the fans in one word?

Genuine. I've been so lucky to meet people through my music that have similar life experiences, and it really makes us connected.

How have they received your music so far?

I've been so lucky to receive nothing but love on the new music. I'm so grateful. I hope that as I continue to release music, I'll know more about my fans and they'll know more about me.

You have written for other artists, what made you crossover?

I love writing for other artists. Being a writer is my biggest passion in life - there's nothing better than walking into a writing room and meeting someone new, hearing their stories, and then being able to help them turn that into a song. I've met so many talented, amazing people through it. My first solo single was really what defined the cross over for me - I sat down with two other writers that day with the intention of writing the song for one of them. When we finished, the other writer looked at me and said "This is your song". I realized at that moment I had been writing from my experiences, not his. It was truly my story. I decided then that I was going to release it, and gained the confidence to speak my stories.

Whose support has meant the most to you in this musical journey?

My family. Even when I was young, my parents and older sister supported my every move in music. My mom started taking me on trips to Nashville when I was 14. She's been at every show, every event, supporting me the whole way. I'm super close to my family, and couldn't do it without their love. They'll sit in my car with me and listen to every demo - I'm really blessed.

How would you describe the journey of your music?

Transformative - I started out writing country music (Still do, but for others). Everything changed for me when I wrote When You Really. I had been writing pop music for a while at that point, but over time and lots and lots of songs, I learned what makes my sound "me". I grew up listening to pop punk music. I love the distorted guitars, live drums, honest lyrics, and I wanted to incorporate that influence in my music. So to go from solely writing country, to pop, to pop punk, feels pretty transformative to me.

You have a really dope sound and are really vulnerable in your music, how have you been able to meld the two?

Thank you so much. When I sit down to write a song for myself, it's a pretty intimate thing. I have to go deep inside my head, and recall moments and things from my life that haven't always been easy. But I told myself "Okay Khi, if you're gonna do your own music, you're gonna be honest. No BS." I made that promise to myself and I'm sticking to it. My music is me - I want the people who listen to it to really know me by the end. So I have to be vulnerable. It's just like the first time you open up to a friend - it's scary, but it makes you closer. I also love production, and sound design has been a really cool way for me to express myself. So between making the lyrics and melody as vulnerable and honest as possible, I meld the two by also having the story be in the music itself - I want the sounds to also explain the story.

Do you feel like you are constantly molding yourself as an artist?

Absolutely! I hope I'll always be learning, for the rest of my life. I used to think when I was younger I'd have it all figured out by sixteen. Then I turned twenty and still didn't know what was going on. Now at twenty-four, I feel way more solid in who I am and life itself, but I know I haven't even scratched the surface. The only thing I know for sure is that I'll be writing songs til I'm unable to hold a pen, and by then I'll be way different than I am now. I hope that the people who listen to my music can grow up with me, the same way my favorite songs helped me grow up.

You have a new single called Committed. Can you speak on the single and where everyone can listen when it drops?

Committed is a really honest song for me. It came from a time when I was seeing this guy who on paper was perfect, but for some reason I couldn't get my heart to match my brain. I'm such a hopeless romantic, I love love. And so I felt really broken for a while, not being able to fully commit or connect with anyone. I was at a place where I felt like I self sabotaged my love life a lot, because I was scared. That's where the line "I just don't want to leave but I know that I'm detrimental" came from. I didn't want to hurt him, but I was so scared to be hurt that I distanced myself. We're friends now, so it all turned out okay. Thank God for therapy and growth, lol! Committed will be out November 5th, and it will be available on all streaming platforms!

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