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Musical artist Elin Wolf is dropping new music SOON!

What's the new hot sound you're working on in your music right now?

I'm working or a new tune called "My girl" with my Duo Lemmy's child, together with Dennis D'angelo- music producer and my partner Morgan MacLean, I also have to new releases coming up: "My fathers daughter" (release July 16th), a alternative rock tune and "Wild Woman" ( release August 6th) a more earthy, folky tune that we worked with together with Andrew Monheim from Monheim Microphones.

Secret link to My fathers daughter

How are you keeping up with your fans?

Mostly through Instagram, sometimes people text me there and I try to answer as soon as I can. That's also where I post about shows, new releases and new content of any sort.

How are you keeping up with yourself with all that you do?

I think that because I love what I'm doing I have no problems working a lot, but I also like to see friends and go on small adventures in nature pretty often.

Do you feel like you have to separate your professional and personal life?

I don't feel like I separate my professional and personal life much at all. I work with musicians that become my friends and I like that music is a big part of my life.

How do you stay true to yourself on social media?

I have a mission statement that I read to myself most days to remember my message and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Socials please!

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