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We got the chance to chat with the insanely talented Platinum and Gold selling Singer/Songwriter Natalie Gauci about her incredible music journey, pouring her heart into her art and how she heals others through it!

Hi Natalie! Thank you for taking the interview with us! We want to know about everything you’ve been up to on the music front!

Before I gave my birth to my 1 year old son, I was giving birth to my music. My first EP was called "Take it or Leave it" about a relationship I decided to leave and take my power back that I gave away. It took me to L.A.While I was there I was given some interesting feedback.."Go home to Australia and create a story", So I did just that! I went home to Australia and Won a TV show called Australian Idol and the rest is history, literally. I have spent the last 8 years soul searching which resulted in writing 3 new albums. One which I am about to release called "Pictures of Mars". This album changed my life and took me on the road to transforming myself into a multi dimensional being. I discovered that I can be anything that I want to be musically and create! So I have been behind the scenes, writing a script about my life story - Slices of my interesting life put together into online TV episodes involving music and a live tour. Each chapter reveals a lesson which came from my experience when writing my songs, and the healing which brings the community together. I have been preparing for my live shows for early 2021 and practicing my sound healing as well as I am also a spiritual healer and heal people through my music medicine.

We were scrolling through your Instagram and LOVE all your inspirational quotes! There's so much positivity! What's the importance of sharing them in this digital age to you?

Thank you! The quotes are my lyrics, carefully chosen from my songs that I have written. My songs are like mini books, they have messages and meaning to them. I feel the importance of sharing them in this digital age is that I am able to reach people in a tangible way, making someone's day just by having them read a little quote which doesn't take much time. It gives me the opportunity to shine my light through words, colors and positive energy which is contagious!

Can you describe yourself in a hashtag?


What’s the theme in your life that spills over into your music?

Love and Spirituality. Togetherness and Community. Relationships, learning lessons, experiences and adventure! All through my voice of course.

Our readers NEED to keep up with you! Where can they get all the latest on what's coming up for you and show your projects some love!!

They can sign up to my newsletter and follow me on instagram @nataliergauci

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