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Adam Rich talks high energy records coming to fans!

Do you have some hot new sounds in the works right now with your music?

Yes! I have many new projects that I'm finishing up right now and I can't wait to release them. I have many progressive house songs which is what I have mostly been producing but I also have some other new songs of different genres that I'm super excited to share with my fans.

Is it difficult to release new music?

Releasing new music is probably the most difficult aspect that I have struggled with as an artist. I find it extremely challenging to tell myself that a song is done and doesn't need to be tweaked or changed anymore. I have been trying to improve in this area and I know I need to consistently release more music that I can share with my fans.

What kind of sounds can your fans expect from you next?

I have a bunch of new progressive house records that are finished and ready for release so fans can expect some emotional lyrics from several amazing artists very soon. The songs are very melodic but high energy that I hope my fans will enjoy :)

Is there ever a moment you want to change something in your music last minute?

This pretty much happens with almost every song I release. I always test my songs in different listening environments but the car is my final test because if it sounds good there, it will likely sound good on most every other system. But if a certain part of the song doesn't sound right to me in the car, then I always go back and fix it or make some minor tweaks until I feel it sounds ready and finished.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Yes I would and unfortunately I haven't released as much music as I'd like as a result of trying to make everything sound "perfect". I sometimes get too focused on every minor detail instead of the overall production. Obviously, glaring errors need to be fixed but if it's something that no one else will hear but myself, it probably means it's fine. I'm a perfectionist because I love my fans and want to give them the best possible listening experience. But I also know that they won't love every single piece of music I release and that's okay too.

What strides are you making to include in new music?

I am trying to write my own lyrics to include in a song which is definitely challenging but I know will be extremely rewarding when it is done. I am also always trying to create new sounds while staying true to myself in writing uplifting and emotional melodies and chord progressions that will make people feel something when listening.

Most basic piece of advice that you are so happy you've learned along the way of your journey?

Don't try to change who you are or what you enjoy making in terms of music. If you love producing a certain type of music, keep doing it and be yourself.

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