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5P RECORDS, INC. LORD DIVINE (born JORY L. ROGERS) was raised in the most DANGEROUS and the most HIP-HOP influenced PROJECTS in New York: BRONX RIVER PROJECTS. Quickly learning the value of a dollar, he went from packing bags at supermarkets to making major moves in the drug game.

After a few arrests leading to long prison terms, he decided to change his life and began his journey into music. He formed an independent record label called: 5P RECORDS, INC which stands for:



...and the rest is history in the making.

How are you making a splash as this year wraps in your music?

As the year ends myself & my team are setting up my show dates for more live performances. Also the plan is to flood the internet with content for this first quarter #2023.

How are you leaving off this year and what are your hopes for the future of your music?

I’m leaving off this year with 3 visuals to my songs ( Exotic) ( WAtcha Gon Do) & (I’m Sorry).The future's looking good I have some New Songs & visuals on the way.. which I know will be very impactful to the culture.

Are you planning extensively or are you allowing your music tide to take you on its own? Definitely strategizing! I’m in total control of this music journey. As you get to know yourself better musically, what is your biggest lesson learned this year? Every song I write is a lesson because I learn something new about my Kraft each time. It’s also a blessing to have the ability to reach the minds of many through my music. Gaining the success you are seeing, tell us what has been the proudest moment for you so far? To perform and see the fan’s reciting the Words to my Song! Those were the proudest moments!! Give us your social media to link our audience to becoming fast Instagram: @lorddivine_millionaire Facebook : Lord Divine

Tiktok : YouTube : Spotify : Apple Music : SoundCloud : As you beat to your own drum, tell our audience what has helped you the most in finding your own beat for your career?

I basically stayed focused on my sound! Being original was the only way for me! I didn’t wanna Sound like nobody. The original route is harder but once the people get used to your sound now you have your own lane with no traffic.

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