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New music with Modern Amusement!

What hot new sounds in your music are you currently working on?

We just released our newest single "I Have A Crush On Lisa Loeb" which we recorded in June and features producer extraordinaire Jake Schneider handling the mixing and mastering. He also played bass guitar on the track. The song of course is about the singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb and my admiration for her. I have been surprised to see the response from people who have really been resonating with this song, it's wonderful to see!

Where are you going next with your music that has you excited?

We are currently working on album number two, titled yet to be decided! This one will be a bit heavier than the previous self-titled album with more awesome guitar shreddage and darker lyrics. I'm really excited to see what people will think of it, so far it's sounding really great I think!

How much practice goes into getting your music just right?

I usually do a handful of demos before I go into recording the final version of a song, a few on keyboard, a few on acoustic guitar, and one using a full band sound to make sure things are sounding right. I want to make sure things are going to work before I get serious about it!

Do you ever feel like your music is ready? Or is it hard to let go?

I do sometimes have the problem where I overthink my songs and keep making revisions, these songs are like my children, it can be really hard to let them go! It usually helps to get other ears on the song to let me know if I should keep making changes or if I'm just going in circles, that's why I love working with producers and other collaborators. How do we stay up to date with you?

You can follow Modern Amusement on Twitter at the handle @ModernAmusemen2, we've been keeping that up to date so you'll be able to see all our updates there. Instagram is another place where we post some fun content at modern_amusementband. Come and say hi, we'd love to hear from you!

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