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The one and only Pet Envy releases 'The Fountain' Featuring the only and Luthi! They talk what it was like to work with him and the layers of the song!

The Fountain is a cool track! What inspired you to make the song?

I had just gone through a really rough breakup, this was kind of an open letter to myself trying to rationalize why I had stayed in something that wasn’t healthy for so long.

How are you growing your music to keep pushing those boundaries? The music is growing right along with the members of this band haha. We've all grown a lot more confident of our own ideas during the pandemic. we’re not only writing a lot more material but we’re writing stuff that is more representative of where we are now, as a whole unit. a lot of our older music was more of a concept, songs playing a character. but this last year was hard, these songs are just kind of peeling back the layers of our own vulnerabilities. What was collabing with Luthi like? A dream. He's a wonderful mind and talent and brings something totally unique to any room. He's really passionate about what he participates in and tried to understand the song from all angles. The first day in the studio I think we did more talking about the song than singing. Then the way he performed it just melted every one of us.

Who did what on the track? jordan klatt-keys/synth shelbi albert-vocals christian luthi-vocals jake diggity- guitar/bass matthew singler-drums owen lewis-engineer Are you excited for the upcoming video? Definitely! i got to hang out with luthi in a beautiful park for a whole morning. Can you give us a hint on what it's going to look like? Think “last full day of summer” Drop us all your socials! Thank you Pet Envy! @petenvyisaband @ray_stinkle @luthimusic

Click the link here to go watch and support The Fountain visually! It's a dream TOO!

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