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Jennifer Alvarado is a singer/songwriter from Vale, North Carolina. Her first EP project titled ''Playing with Fire'' was released in April 2021. She a country pop EP titled “Songbird: Part One” in July 2022. “Songbird” is a two part collection of songs that shows Jennifer’s growth as a writer and is sonically much different than her earlier projects. “Catfish” is the first single off the “Songbird: Part Two” EP that will be released in early 2023. Her music has a country sensibility with a pop current running through it. Her voice is smooth and passionate with a sweetness and power that merge seamlessly into satisfaction for the listener. Her sound is a mixture of country, pop and blues that reflect an eclectic blend of influences. She has been recognized locally for her songwriting and was named ''One to Watch'' by Nashville Songwriters Association in Spring 2021 and Spring 2022. Her songs “IDWYB” and “Filthy Water” were Top 10 Finalists for “Best Pop Song” and “Best Modern Country Song” for the Spring and Summer 2021 World Songwriting Awards. She was just recently named the “2021 Country Artist of the Year” by Indie Star Radio. Her song “Curious” was a Finalist for "Best Pop Song" for the Winter 2022 World Songwriting Awards and won "Best Pop Song" for the Indie Songwriting Awards in Winter 2022. Her song “Rock This Way” was named “Best Pop Song” and “Best Overall Song” by the Indie Songwriting Awards in Spring 2022. Her duet “Starz Collide” with Canadian band, The Whythouse, was just named “Best Duet” for the Summer 2022 Indie Songwriting Awards. She has been nominated for five International Singer Songwriter Association Awards, including “Female Vocalist of the Year”, a Josie Award for Female Music Video of the Year for “Filthy Water”, and a Carolina Music Award for Country Female Vocalist of the Year.

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for taking this interview with us! How long have you been making music?

I have been writing and singing since the age of 4 or 5. I began leading worship in church as a teenager and spent time figuring out my writing style. I took a break from music during college and then found my way back to it. Why did you choose the title for 'Songbird' music?

I chose “Songbird” because I’ve always been referred to as “the little songbird.” To the point that singing became my identity. After a few years of really struggling with music and where I fit, I started writing this project and letting go of all the labels that have been placed on me during the years. It is that bridge between my old identity and finally growing beyond it and finding my own voice. Can you tell our audience about your latest single?

My latest single “Catfish” has to do with someone being something they aren’t. I love to fish and I was always told about catfish and how they make noises in order to confuse their prey or threats. Same goes these days with the dating world and social media. It’s calling out someone that has lied about who they really are and their true intentions. Why did you choose to release the music now?

I strive to consistently release new music and keep the creative process rolling. I chose to release “Catfish” because it felt like the perfect fun fall song. Can you tell us the journey about making the music?

Sure. I went through a very difficult couple of years both professionally and personally. I wasn’t sure where I fit with music. I had attempted to fit in and be respected by the wrong crowd of people and thus found myself really lost at the end of 2020. This project is about letting go of the past and admitting what is your fault and what has absolutely nothing to do with you. It was a project about rediscovering who I was as a writer and artist. What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music?

There are some really personal tracks on this project. I was really honest and that can be difficult and scary to share; however, you can’t heal a wound by ignoring it and saying it’s not there. So it’s about owning that hurt and moving forward. Where can new fans stream it?

You can find my releases on all streaming services. My earlier projects are found on Amazon only, but everything from the last couple of years can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

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