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Highland Kites share their latest proud release of 'Long Road'!

What music are you most proudest of that you've made so far?

Since we just released a song - I'm going to say that one! It's called "Long Road" and I wrote it in a moment of realizing I had finally come back to who I was, and could love that person again. It was written as a poem/stream of consciousness and was one of those ones that came together pretty naturally and just makes me feel a lot of things whenever we play it.

What kind of music are you looking to make in this next year?

Introspective, personal music that also feels uplifting. We are experimenting with producing a lot of our own music so that whole process has been really interesting and fun.

What is the best sound when you're recording that you love to add to the mix?

I LOVE texture. I like envisioning a theme or type of scenery when I make a song and finding the sound that represents that for me. It can be anything from a deserted city scape, busy freeway or abandoned woods at sunrise. It all has a sound to me and figuring out how to create that is one of my favorite things.

Tell us where new fans can go to support your music?

This is a link to the new song: (it also takes you to our overall Spotify, bandcamp, etc.

Otherwise we are @highlandkites on all platforms, we are most active on Instagram though. You can also sign up for our mailing list via our website:

Where do you connect most with your audience?

It used to be live shows hands down. Now it's mainly on instagram - we can't wait to get back to playing again though. :)

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