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Singer/ Songwriter Jill Fiore is on a mission to unleash the strength and tenacity in every listener. Known for her powerhouse, bluesy vocals and slick rock guitar licks, HER songs are like anthems of empowerment and personal evolution through the ups and downs of the long game of life. A musical fixture on the Lower East Side for years, Jill has performed in a variety of venues from New York to California, until she was forced to create her own. In 2020 Jill launched THE FIORE ESCAPE—live pandemic-era rock shows she performed with her full band right outside her apartment windows. With amps, mics, stage lights, and an irrepressible rock spirit, she transformed her fire escape into a mini music venue. An early COVID survivor, Jill’s illness was a wake-up call to step up her writing and continue performing, even during a time of social isolation. At its heart, The Fiore Escape is Jill’s way of entertaining and inspiring the hell out of her fellow New Yorkers. Jill followed that with a January 2021 single “Nobody Loves Me Like I Do,” her first official release in her 20+ years performing. She went back in the studio in April and recorded more tracks that would comprise the “Ten Feet Tall” EP, put out in June 2021. And then, the release of her first ever music video for “The Climb,” filmed in the Arizona desert. Her latest single release, “Away From Me,” honors her father who passed away amidst all of her creative endeavors. Her writing of this song broke down the barriers writer’s block from grief, and reminds many that even with great loss, it is ok to recognize and exclaim that you are “still here living.’ Jill was recently featured on ABCNews as one of 2021’s most inspirational people of the year. She has been featured on NBC All Access, The New York Post, and the widely renowned ‘Humans of New York’ which expanded the reach of her music and energy across several countries. She is celebrated for the connection she brings to her community with her music and the inspiration she brings forth in many others everywhere with her untethered resilience to remain creative in the face of adversity. Keep an eye on this one. Jill Fiore's spirit and determination will not let you down.

And today she has stopped by Hot Sounds in the City and is sharing all her exciting successes in 2021 and her even more exciting 2022 plans! The BEST has YET to come for Jill Fiore, mark our words!

How is your year starting off musically?

My year is starting off beautifully. I went non-stop in 2021. The year ended with my mind being totally blown when I was featured as one of the most inspirational people of the year on ABCNews. It was unbelievable. I cried, and then I practically collapsed. My head, my heart, and my body were like “ok Jill, time to slow down for a bit and figure out what you want to do next.” Resting and refueling are part of productivity, I would tell anyone that. Now just a few months into 2022, I'm writing a bunch of new material, connecting with a ton of new people, releasing a new video, and heading to SXSW to play in Austin for the first time. Let’s go 2022!

You have a Lyric Video dropping for your single Away From Me, it's beautiful. Tell us the background of the song?

Oh wow, calling beautiful means a lot to me! The background of the song is pretty intense… I lost my dad last year and I was really consumed with grief. It made the music stuff come to a halt, among most things in my life. I was ready to give up, but I realized that wasn’t the end. My dad had seen me and his name on TV just ten days before he died and he was so proud. I had to keep going. So one night I picked up my guitar again and started having a conversation with myself, and with him, about what I was going through and finally tapping into my desire to survive it. “Away From Me” is pushing through grief, writer’s block, and most importantly, honoring my dad.

How has the reception been to Away From Me?

The reception of Away From Me has been really lovely! It’s kind of a switch for me, to be more nuanced and sensitive with my music. I remember playing a demo of it for a friend of mine early on and she started crying. I was like “oh shit, sorry, I’ll shut it off.” She said “don’t you dare. It’s beautiful.” Now people tell me what it makes them think of. I love how it signifies something different to everyone.

What are you looking forward to most when you perform this single in front of an audience?

Connection. I write songs with the hope that they are relatable. Though my lyrics and stories are specific to my experiences, I hope they are in some way vague enough to make people think of their own. I’m finding that to be the case with Away From Me and it’s amazing.

What was the intention set for dropping this video?

I wanted to really invite people into my story. Let them see that it's ok to be vulnerable and put it all out there. That’s where the magic REALLY begins and it’s something I work on every day.

What was the most important message to impart with Away From Me?

We’ve been stuck in some terrible times for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has lost someone or something very important to them. I want people to get the message that they can and will go on. It’s not easy, but we find that willingness and drive to survive.

How do you want your fans to treat themselves after listening to your music?

I want my fans to treat themselves to a shot at the bar after hearing my music at a live show! I’m pretty action packed on stage and keep the energy really high. If my fans are listening to my music at home, in their car, at the gym, or wherever else, I want them to walk away feeling motivated and inspired. Like they can handle whatever is thrown their way and be better for it after.

What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for 2022?

A song of mine on repeat right for 2022 is Nobody Loves Me Like I Do. It’s essentially an anthem for self love. And how incredibly important it is to remember to put yourself and your needs first. You can’t expect anyone to love you if you don’t love YOU. And when you do, you are able to share that love with the whole world.

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