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Zavier O'Keith on the reflection of his sound!

Where are you located right now?

Born, raised, and currently located in Houston, Tx! I’m from 5th Ward, where most of my family lives, and I’ve been all over Houston.

What hot sounds are you giving your city?

It’s hard to put a nail on what “sound” I make. I am currently categorized as an Alternative R&B artist so do with that information as you will! My sound is a reflection of how my brain works. I love so many genres and I do indeed plan on singing all of the ones I love, even the ones that I don’t favor as much. I have a heavier/dramatic sound I think that derives from my love for movie soundtracks.

How do you think your music is influenced by where you're from?

I will say though, underneath all the layers of chaos, there is something very Houston about my sound that I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe it’s the slower tempo of my songs, but I think I’ve absorbed a lot of this city subconsciously growing up and it just stuck.

Are you making new music right now?

I am working on a couple of features/collaborations. I wrapped up my EP late June so I’ve been doing a bit of the behind the scenes work that happens before a release. I’m always working on new music. Music brings me so much joy and purpose that I can’t stop working even when I badly need to!

What's next?

I’ve come to an understanding over the past few years that I can be super prepared for one thing and life takes me in a completely different direction so I just go with the flow and determine what makes the most sense in whatever world I’m living in at the time. I can say that I would love to work on my sophomore album in a professional environment where I can get the full experience and really hone in on creating and push myself even further artistically. I want to cry with joy when I’ve finished it! Socials! Instagram:

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