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The underlying message in The Key of F's music.

You both are really dope in what you do! What is it like to work as a duo?

Andie: Well....Marie's okay. You know, since there was no one else....I'm so kidding. lol. Marie is absolutely amazing and honestly, such a joy to work with! We write everything together, we make all the band decisions together and thank God she gets my sarcastic humor or the beginning of this interview would be really awkward. As songwriting partners and bandmates, we balance each other out well. We know the style and sound we want for The Key of F and sometimes I swear she can read my mind when I start to explain an idea and Marie will instantly complete the thought.

Another Love Like Mine goes deep. Talk to us about the making of the single.

Andie: I wrote this song a couple of years ago. I had most of the lyrics finished and a rough melody idea when Marie and I got together and solidified the melody. We played with the lyrics a bit and brought a rough scratch track to our Producer, Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios, Inc. When Charlie first heard it, he immediately got the idea of what we were after and then talked to us about some of his ideas for the song. We spent a bit of time in pre-production with it, experimenting with vocals and even a chain effect. I knew I wanted the drums to play a major role in this song, to keep that anger throughout as the guitar, bass and vocals get more intense as the song builds. Plus the whispers, we like putting whispers in our songs as an effect.

Do you make a point to always have a message in your music?

Andie: Yeah, I usually find myself writing music that has an underlying message. I wish I could be one of those songwriters that can pick a topic and write an amazing song about it, but I'm not. I need emotional inspiration to write. Sometimes it's whats currently happening in my life, other times it's a past struggle. For me, music has always been a healing balm as well as a source of inspiration that lights a fire under you. I hope our music has that effect on our listeners.

Do you treat each of your singles individually?

Andie: Our first two singles we did because they were so different from each other. But Another Love Like Mine is part of our upcoming EP, so we wanted to make sure it had the same swamp rock vibe as the other songs on the EP.

What should our audience be listening to right now!

Andie: You gotta check out our good friends Batfarm, they are fantastic! Plus Lucia Cifarelli's solo album "I Am Eye" is a MUST and of course the talented UK group, Electric Enemy.

Links to your music to jam out to!


The Key of F

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