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In Jan 2022 Chris Hollacheck released the upbeat love ballad "I'll Ever Need," which is quickly gaining momentum. Look out for a lot of hits in 2022!

Happy New Year! How did you start yours off musically?

It started off with bang! I joined forces with Bsquared MGMT and released my new single “I’ll Ever Need,” which is really growing momentum!

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to of yours right now?

Definitely my new song “I’ll Ever Need!” I also have a new single that will be out in March (can’t reveal which one yet), so be on the lookout!

How has the reception been to new music?

It’s been probably the best with this current single out of any single I’ve released! It’s very exciting!

What are you looking forward to most when you perform in front of an audience this year?

Being able to connect with real people and feed off their energy. I’ve been focusing on mostly online content since Covid, so this summer will be my first time going strong on the live gigs in 2 years. I’m so pumped!

What was the intention set for your music?

To relate to people and be that voice that understands them when no one else does. Just like country music did for me growing up!

What was the most important message to impart with your music?

Just sharing life experiences and encouraging everyone to embrace all parts of themselves, the good and the bad.

How do you want your fans to treat themselves after listening to your music?

Take a nice short or long road trip, either by yourself or with a loved one, and jam my music down the road with no cares in the world!

What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for 2022?

“I’ll Ever Need” and my new one that will be out in March (can’t wait for y’all to hear it! It’s a banger)

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