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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Ashleigh Rey wants worlds to collide with her new music!

Ashleigh Rey! How are you doing these days? I'm doing as well as can be expected! I'm just trying to adjust to post-pandemic life while staying sane. What are you most excited about this summer? I am most excited to travel! Traveling has always been one of the things that inspires me... I'm thrilled to visit new places with the hopes of those places inspiring new music. New music dropping? I'm working on so much music right now and I'll be releasing new music soon. What sounds are you hoping to create for upcoming music? I want to make something that makes people want to move, but also makes them feel something. I'm personally obsessed with 80s synths and 90s acoustic sounds right now, so I'm hoping to make two worlds collide and find an interesting mix of both. Dope style! How do you come up with your style that stays true to yourself? I make music that I want to listen to. I think that keeps me true to myself and what makes me... well, me. As long as I'm making music that makes me happy, excited, etc then I'm staying true to myself. Do you think branding is important for an artist? Branding is so important and I'm still working and adjusting my brand daily, but having a unifying brand makes an artist identifiable and unique and in this industry that is so important.

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