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MJ talks taking control of her own musical destiny!

Can you tell our readers where your musical journey stems from? My musical journey stems from my love of music, my upbringing, and my influences. I grew up singing in the choir and learning how to play instruments such as the piano and cello. Music has been on and off in my life and my life and when I took control of my own destiny I decided that it was what I wanted to do for a living. I also grew up on hip hop and idolizing artists such as Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott. All of these things make up the foundation of MJ as a rapper. Your latest song "Not Girl Summer" is a vibe! How did you create the song? So originally the song was gonna be about LA and basically being cool but at the time I was going through a depression from a car accident. A former friend of mine suggested that I just write what I feel so I decided to take a more ironic approach to the track. I just started freestyling to the hook while we were talking and from there and they're riding the song peace by peace especially since I was at home and I had all the time in the world. What piece of this song is your FAVE! My favorite part of the song is the beginning with me using Vince McMahon soundbite, a popular wrestling figure. I grew up in the attitude era of old school wrestling. And is a sound bite that perfectly captures the mood of the track. I thought that was very clever. The video is FIRE! What was your favorite part in making it? Chilling in a nice pool on a hot summer day. We filmed the video in Pearland and it had been raining before that but the sun came out at just the right time and the water was beautiful. It was pretty dope. What was a challenge? The biggest challenge was working with the director and making sure that I followed what he was saying properly. This was my 1st time ever filming a music video so I really had to make sure that I did my part in that I'd project the song to the camera. I also had to confront my own insecurities when it came to you know being gonna make in a bikini and my body and everything. What hot new sounds do you have in the making? Man I got a lot of chill songs coming out. I've been really feeling the music that I've been creating lately. It's music that's very true to me. It's music that you have not heard from any other female rappers. It's a different type of flow, a different type of style, and a different type of sound. Some music that you can smoke too but at the same time we'll also make you ponder. My next song especially I'm very excited about. It's called DREAMS. And it really just has a dope vibe to it. Tell us how we can stay connected with all things YOU!! Please follow me on all social media platforms. I'm on Instagram the most but I also post on Twitter and Facebook. You can just bookmark my main smart link in order to find all of my social media and all of my music!

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