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$DVLLV$ is a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer. He is a military brat that was born in Texas and raised between California and Ohio, but currently resides in South Florida. $DVLLV$ moved to the Sunshine State for college. $DVLLV$ found his calling early on. He started playing piano and writing lyrics as a youth. His recording artist journey officially began when he used his athletic stipend to buy home studio equipment. Since then, $DVLLV$ has released numerous songs and garnered over 250,000 streams. $DVLLV$ started an independent record label and hosts a podcast with KingAce called "LAVUE." He also is a mix engineer at the renowned Bay Eight Recording Studios in Miami, FL. $DVLLV$ is never lackluster with his sound. He constantly delivers emotional music that tells tales of his upbringing and the heights that he plans to reach. Just like his non-conforming sound, $DVLLV$ makes music for listeners who see the world as nothing, but potential and those looking for something unique and impactful.

Thank you for taking this interview with Hot Sounds in City! Can you talk with us how your name $DVLLV$ came to be your stage name?

Thank you for having me! The name actually grew a lot over the years. When I first started making music, I went by Dallas Royal. I chose that name because my actual name is Malique, which means King (hence the royal), and the name my mom was going to name me before Malique was Dallas; therefore, I put them in order as Dallas Malique or Dallas Royal. After a while, I decided that a lion doesn’t call itself a lion, it just roars, so why would I tell anyone I’m royalty? I dropped the Royal and came up with a cool way to write Dallas as a symbol, similar to what prince did. After that, it was actually one of my boys who said it would be cool to pronounce it Cash Dallas. Ever since then, that’s what I’ve gone by.

Your upcoming single '444' has an emotional tone to it. What made you want to create a vulnerable track?

It was a very emotional time. I was listening to a lot of artists, and felt empty by their music and wanted something that spoke the truth in a creative way, something just relatable. I realized there was no way to be relatable if I held back and one day, I decided to just say what I was feeling. No holds barred.

How has this song making experience been different from previous singles?

I made it in a night and blacked out doing it. I was completely sober tonight, but the way I was writing was euphoric. Thinking back to it, I still really only remember the beat playing sitting at my desk and looking at these ambient lights I have in my studio. The writing process was on autopilot and I just left it.

Was it a challenge to create the entire track yourself?

Not at all. I’ve been making music for 8 years now and the creation process is the easiest part for me. The process of trying to figure out what I’m going to write or developing a beat is usually the hard part, but once I get going and my mind's working, I can get through it fairly quickly.

You have a really chill vibe on the song, was this something you always knew you wanted for '444'?

Not at all, the song made itself. I originally thought it was going to be a bop instead of a mood. The 808’s and snare keep the beat rockin, but I delivered it with such a swing that it felt easy.

Do you think where you live has influenced your music?

100% I do. Broward County has made these 808’s for sure. I’ve lived all over the States, so I can hear my west coast flows, my east coast rhymes, and my southern soul all wrapped up in my music. I need to go live in the north before y’all can call me Mr. America.

You have gained rising success in the music industry, what has been your favorite moment in your career?

I’ve actually never had to think about this. I feel like I’m too early in my career to think about it being a success yet. I’ve failed so many times that all my moments come from the little success that came from each failure. Meeting people along the way that will make me into the artist I’m going to be. I’m not sure what’s in store for me yet, but this journey is all a process that I’m enjoying along the way.

What has been the moment that has taught you the most?

Humbly, when I released my first ever song and those that told me it was trash. I tell all the artists that I work with now to take their time with the craft and be patient with the releases. I had to learn that lesson the hard way over and over again. I’m happy now that I have a team that takes it’s time and refuses to rush.

What are you most excited about releasing '444'?

I’m excited about the reach. This single is setting up a chain of events that has been in the making for a long time. I can’t wait for people to hear it and experience me. I’ve been waiting to give the world to me, and I feel that it’s finally time.

What has been the best feedback you've gotten so far on the single?

All the feedback has been amazing! I haven’t heard anything negative about it so far from those who’ve heard it. The best two have been “it’s so thoughtful and honest” and “your voice is amazing, and I can’t wait to see your career unfold." I’m excited and ready for those blessings.

What do you think will be the most impactful part of releasing this to the world finally?

I think the impact will be the way heads turn towards me; receiving the attention and being able to use that to elevate mine and my people’s life in a way that can continue to benefit the fans. I’m excited to progress and take all of you with me, and I’m excited for it to happen.

What is the next move for you?

Ah, a magician never reveals his secrets, but I am excited to show you. I appreciate you so much for having me here on this interview, and I’m looking forward to our next one after I move a few more chess pieces!

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