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Naomi Sky stops by to chat about her upcoming music dropping on July 30th!

What hot new sounds in your music are you currently working on?

I’m excited to announce that I’m releasing a song on July 30th! It has a darker pop sound and feels very empowering, similarly to Ariana Grande’s vibe in “7 Rings”. It’ll showcase a different side of me lyrically and sonically. I don’t want to give too much away… you can pre save it to find out in a couple weeks!

Where are you going next with your music that has you excited?

My goal is to create an album centered around the themes of love and vulnerability. I’m looking forward to sharing the full project because I’ve been exploring those two topics for the past few years in my personal life. Self-growth is a huge part of my focus, and I hope to help others or inspire people and lift them up, give them some hope with these new songs.

How much practice goes into getting your music just right?

A lot of time and energy, and I think it pays off. For songwriting, I listen to a variety of genres to learn about writing from different perspectives, and it helps me think outside-of-the-box. Practicing singing happens randomly sometimes, like during a short car ride, because I love it so much. But I also find it helpful to carve out time specifically for practicing.

Do you ever feel like your music is ready? Or is it hard to let go?

Yes! I’ve experienced both! Feeling so excited to release a finished song and worrying if something is ready. Sometimes they go hand in hand because when people care about something, fear has a way of creeping in and making us overthink. It’s all a mindset. When I can work out in my head what my fears are about releasing the project, especially when the song sounds and intuitively feels done, the whole process of letting it go gets a lot easier.

How do we stay up to date with you?

You can follow me (Naomi Sky) on Spotify/Apple Music/anywhere you listen to music and Instagram @naomiskyyhighh! Those are my two main pages, and I’m also on Facebook @officiallynaomisky!

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