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Kim Cameron sings, writes and does it all!

What is your favorite part of your music?

The creating! I love the studio and the ability to create new sounds, populate them in various places to see what happens. You can start off with one idea and then watch it fold into a completely different one!

How do you push yourself to keep yourself true to yourself?

Well, that is easy. My goal is to make the biggest hit, best song in the world. Now, most of us know, that is not achievable, because, who can measure what the best song in the world is, let alone, what the biggest hit might be? Both have subjective definitions, however, in my mind, that is what I always strive for…..

What is the biggest achievement you've had recently?

Completing my 88 minute (just trimmed it slightly based on my movie premiere), full length feature film. 2D animation project that began almost 4 years ago with an idea, paper and pencil, and a lot of storyboards! I was recently accredited for the Cannes Film Festival, so I am more than a little excited with this achievement.

Are there any hot new sounds you're making right now?

I just finished ‘Show Me You Feel’ which has some super cool deep house and house remixes to it. It is one of my classic love dance songs, but the reception and DJ charts are showing it some real love, so I am pretty happy with the outcome so far.

Is there anything you'd like our audience to know about?

Anything is achievable if you are creative, think out of the box and work HARD! (Oh, and be patient! )

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