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Tess Posner is giving us ALL her musical best with her latest track New Angels!

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening of yours right now? I just released a new track, New Angels! I wrote this song to remind ourselves that we can create change for the better, even when things look bleak. The song has a lot of orchestral elements to convey a sense of longing and soaring possibility, including: strings, brass, horns, flutes, organ and piano. How has the reception been to new music? My fans are amazing and so supportive, I am so grateful to them for messages and responses about the song. The most rewarding aspect of doing music is when people say that something you wrote helped them through something difficult. I decided to remix this song because I felt that the message of hope is so needed right now, and so my greatest fulfillment comes from hearing that it reached someone at the right time. What are you looking forward to most when you sit in front of an audience? I definitely love the energy of the audience, it always feeds the performance and the feeling of connection and electricity. There is nothing like that! What is an album that you have on repeat right now? Jose Gonzalez, “Local Valley” What song of YOURS do you have on repeat? Some new songs I am working on, I always listen to those the most as I am fleshing them out. Once they are released, I come back to them and listen with fresh ears. Drop all your streaming links to make sure to get continued support on all you do!!

Thank you so much for having me! IG:@tessposnermusic FB: @tessposnermusic Website: Spotify:

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