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Avery Roberson! Thank you for taking this interview! Our readers are excited to learn more about you! It’s my pleasure. I appreciate your taking the interest and time to interview me. Congratulations on your music! Thank you! How exciting! How long have you been making music? I wrote my first song in 2018. That's when I started to “grind” with my writing. Why did you choose the title for the new music? One day as I sat in my room looking for inspiration, a pillow that my grandmother had made for me caught my eye as it had never done before. The words “Home Sweet Home” were hand stitched on the front. Those three words gave me the inspiration and reason to share something personal about my life, so I wrote the song about my hometown. Can you tell our audience what the song is about? “Home Sweet Home” gives people insight into my background. It's a song that shines a light on my hometown and lets them (the townspeople) know how much I appreciate them. Why did you choose to release the music now? We recorded 3 new songs. For this time of the year, it felt like the right time to release it… you can still roll the windows down and jam! Can you tell us the journey about making the music? It starts with a good idea, a good song. I make that my North Star. Everything leads up to that. From there, you take the idea to paper whether you’re writing alone or with someone. Then, you move the finished product to the studio and let the musicians and engineers do their thing in the direction I want them to go. Finally, you sing the song the best you can. What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music? It’s like a waiting game. It’s hard to be patient and not get too excited. It’s essential that you release a song at the right time. But in the end, It’s really exciting. Where can new fans stream it? How do they follow you? artist/1NFcvAjVEYtn0ExV1O17oU? si=xAxEYnymQxe8Z02iwCKXuQ&nd=1 What's next for you! Right now, I’m living in Nashville and making as many connections as possible, building my new song library to be recorded and by playing in as many venues as possible. Thank you for this interview!

You are welcome and thanks to you and everyone who reads this.

Artist Corner:

North Carolina native, Avery Roberson, realized his love of music and acquired his talent for entertainment from his father and grandfather. Music was all around Avery growing up, and Dad, Tony, played in a country music band called the Hutchins Brothers. They had a Top 100 hit in the late 80s. As a result, Avery picked up the guitar and started singing at an early age. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with Country Music.

Avery got his break when NBC's The Voice cast him in their 20th Season. He finished in the top 28, and the experience solidified his thirst for the stage. Since then, Avery has been writing, spending time in the studio, and playing at live events such as the Carolina Country Music Festival. He released his first single, "Ringtone." which debuted on iTunes Top 100 Country Chart, followed by a second release, "Lord Have Mercy." The song "Alive" is his most famous song yet, with over 1.5 million streams.

When he’s not writing new songs or in the studio recording, Avery enjoys fishing, hanging out at bonfires, playing cornhole, and taking in a few rounds of golf now and again.

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