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Producing The Big Picture: Ryan Dart

Ryan Dart's music encompasses the worlds that he lives in. You can't sing about needing rain, unless you really know what it means to need rain. As a grandson of the dust bowl and a steward of the land, Dart’s unique blend of modern knowledge and continual search for forgotten truths has led to this most recent collection Edge of the Wild. Dart sings scenes from underneath a Roman Colosseum to frame standout lines like, “Trying to tell myself the truth / Looking for the same in you” or longing for a return to the road with the album’s opening track “Ready for the Road”. Dart showcases his significant lyrical evolution since his first release a decade ago with pandemic- and quarantine-inspired tracks like “Loves Gone Outta Style” and “Right or Wrong.”

“In a world where it’s increasingly difficult to find something real to connect with, Ryan Dart and his music do just that,” says Daniel Sproul (Rose Hill Drive, Ryan Bingham, Hard Working Americans). “Theres no mistaking the soul and authenticity that he brings with his lyrics and tunes. Edge of the Wild gives you all of that and more.” The new album, “Edge Of The Wild”, was released April 22, 2022!

Hi Ryan! When you look at all the music you have made, what is the big picture for how you want your artistry to be seen?

Hey! How’s it going? As far as the big picture and how I hope my music is seen & remembered, I would like to be seen as authentic and a voice for those who don’t always get the recognition and attention they deserve (farmers, tradesmen, ranchers, hardworking folks) Each and every person on this planet right now is going through some type of challenge and I firmly believe in the power of music to help us process, cope, and heal…

You challenge the status quo, how did you identify your purpose for the music you wanted to put out?

The main purpose for my music and the way I approach songwriting is initially a way for me to process the world and the range of emotions that come along with this life. Even though the songs originate from my experiences, once they are out in the world they take on a life of their own and no longer belong to one perspective. I’ve seen so many times how a song I write with one perspective in mind can mean something completely different to another person and I welcome that transformation wholeheartedly. If the songs can reach someone else and illicit emotions or help them process their feelings, that is the ultimate victory as a songwriter.

When you create your body of work, are there boxes you must check or does everything evolve as it should be and you allow for the checklist to not be completely checked? When I’m starting a new album I always have goals but I’ve learned to not be rigid through the process. Once the recording begins the album needs to be allowed the space to breathe and evolve into whatever it is meant to become. Rarely do you “know” whether or not a specific song will be the one that resonates. Like Rick Rubin says: “Nobody knows what anyone else will like.”

Could you give us some insight of what your checklist does look like if you have one?

The checklist always starts with a list of songs that have potential and that I feel connected with but once the tracking starts in the studio the checklist becomes more of a guardrail to help me make sure that we capture the best version of each song on any given day. With that being said, I think it’s really important to not overthink or overproduce the songs unless it’s to solidify the sound I’m hearing in my head. Usually the best outcome is tied to relinquishing the illusion of control and trying to just stay in the flow.

Who are you paying homage to for your vision as an artist?

I have a pretty diverse group of influences musically but I’m definitely inspired by the artists who continue to play live and release new music no matter how successful or old they get. That tells me that they are really doing it because of their passion for the craft. It’s not always clear and direct who I’m paying homage to with any given song but sometimes the artists I’m listening to a lot while in the preproduction stage can influence the outcome. On the most recent album, ‘Edge of the Wild’, I was listening to lots of Fats Domino and the song “Trouble On Fire” is definitely a nod to him.

You are a visionary, please keep us in the loop of what your plans are for more music and WHERE you are headed next for your fans to connect with you?

Thanks! I’m writing new songs for the next album and trying to process some changes in my life as I go through a divorce, so, I would think that will be a big part of the next album. I don’t have those sessions scheduled yet but I hope to record the next album sometime in 2023.

I’ve started working with a new booking agent and I’m hoping to expand my live shows out of the Colorado/Rocky Mountain region and play more festivals in the coming year. I do play a lot of private events so folks can always reach out to discuss a show wherever they live. I absolutely love to travel with music!


Instagram: @ryandartmusic Facebook: @ryandartsmusic

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