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We had the great honor to catch up with the musical talent and conscious artist Reverend Doctor about what his name means, how music unites and where his music is taking him in 2021!

Reverend Doctor! We love the name! Can you tell us where it came from!? Hey Hot Sounds! Thanks! You know, I’m surprised more people don’t ask this question. Reverend Doctor is pretty literal. Reverend; to preach, doctor; to heal. Preaching healing, whether it’s socially, psychologically, personally. I came up with it when I was considering where I wanted to go next with my music as a departure from what came before. This project is the first time I’ve ever considered myself a solo musician as most of my career I’ve only played in bands and ensembles. Playing in bands is what led me to fall in love with music. I love it for the magic that happens with performing with people on-stage. That larger-than-life feeling. So Reverend Doctor became this persona that I would embody while performing. It takes my eccentricities (of which there are many) and kind of bumps them up to 11. This lends me a kind of freedom to project a charisma and aura that lends itself well to the stage and I think Keith Rollins might feel disingenuous about. Everything I say on stage and write about in my songs is true. But Reverend Doctor wants you to know who they are in bright bold color. Keith Rollins wants to be known, but won’t beat you over the head about it. Keith Rollins is an introvert/extrovert, Reverend Doctor is all extrovert.

Tell us with 2020 coming to a close, what do you have in the works for your music now and what's coming up for you in the new year?! I actually have quite a bit of music in the pipe, though I’ve been taking time to absorb the things that have happened this past summer and process them in different media. So I’ve been writing, reading, and speaking to many different people. I’m starting the new year out as a musical director for the LA branch of Naked Angels which is way less risqué than it sounds. Sometimes, anyway. They’re an incredible group of actors and writers that typically meet locally though because of things does zoom table reads every Tuesday. It’s non-profit and free to join/watch. Message me for details, it’s something I love being a part of! Really, the magic that is the Reverend is best experienced in-person, and as a solo artist my overhead is as low as possible. So as soon as it’s ethical and feasible I’m hitting the road. So get your vaccines and wear your masks, y’all. So that I can come to your town and see your smiling faces.

When has there been a time when you had to push yourself out of your comfort zone musically? Musically I’m pretty open! I’ve played everything from hip-hop to country, to folk (bluegrass) and pop. The one genre I haven’t played is jazz, I just do not have the chops. I joined a reggae / jazz / rock group called Irie Sol based in Minneapolis and played bass with them. They were all really bass-heavy arrangements and it was thrilling to get to be the backbone for such proficient performers. But it was also a lot of responsibility musically because If I wasn’t on, the band wasn’t! Thankfully that group has a revolving door of really talented drummers so sounding great on bass is almost effortless. I was perfectly happy being the least flashy member of that band, lol! Check them out and their vocalist Lars Nelson’s project of the same name. Can you imagine a life without music? What do you think that would be like? This moment is exactly what it would be like. I’m certain that a large reason for our large cultural divide is that we’re missing a lot of healing community-oriented activities we’d typically be engaged in. Live music has essentially been eviscerated at the moment. There are virtual shows and artists have been releasing videos, but on every end of the musical experience it just isn’t the same as being a part of a crowd or in front of it and experiencing the emotional atmosphere of a live concert. Most music-lovers have had that moment where you’re not sure if you’re you or you’re the music and the crowd in front of you moves like you moved them, or maybe the musicians did, or maybe it was your imagination, but it feels like everyone is breathing at the same time. Almost like being in water the same temperature as your skin. There’s a feeling of weightlessness and an uncertainty where you end and the water begins so your experience expands. That’s music. That’s what we stand to miss. I can’t wait to be a part of that experience again as both a musician and fan. Thank you for chatting with us today Reverend Doctor! And for all your insight into your musical world! Let our audience know where they can keep up with you and EVERYTHING you're doing on your music journey! Thanks for having me! Stay safe, be well

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