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Singer and Songwriter Megan Graney creates art that we all can relate to!

Talk to us about your latest hot new sounds you just released!

My latest single, “Waves” was released on August 27th! We have received incredible feedback regarding the poignancy of this song. “Waves” focuses on the concepts of grief and how that journey changes as time goes by of losing a loved one. I wrote it after my father passed away in 2020, with the sincere hope it will provide a catharsis for anyone grieving. Such a permanent event, and universal topic, deserves more light and understanding through our shared vulnerability. Although this song is deeply emotional, my music touches a wide spectrum of ‘moods’.

My debut single, “Borrowed Time” has a completely different feel good vibe. This song has garnered over 140,000 streams across all platforms since its release on April 23rd! “Borrowed Time” uses a soulful stylistic approach in curating a timeless sound. It expresses healing lyrics, colorful production, and a catchy blend of cinematic elements with orchestral accents. Smooth vocals and tasteful space provide a nostalgic groove through new wave neo-soul. “Waves” and “Borrowed Time” are just a few examples of how I like to paint the human experience, embracing the ever-changing contrast of a multi-dimensional reality.

Congratulations! We love your vibe. How do you continue to maintain it while working so hard?

In the midst of working so hard, I maintain my vibe through the support of my creative team. The ones who continue to uplift my artistry are: Mitchell Haeuszer (Co-Writer & Producer), Donavan Brown (Manager), Franziska Pugh (PR), and Bsquared MGMT. Their endless support has allowed my creative vision to expand beyond all limitations. There are many overwhelming details and moving parts as an independent artist. I couldn't be more grateful to work with such a brilliant and reliable group of people.

They hold me accountable in bringing out my highest creative potential and hone my abilities as a songwriter. Most importantly, my craft relies on staying authentically vulnerable with my audience. In a polarized world, I maintain clarity through meditation and yoga practices. Designated ‘me’ time keeps me open to new ideas that flow in. We are striving towards a vision in helping the collective heal trauma through music. Part of that is nurturing a communal space to soften societal stigmas. My music advocates for mental health, addiction awareness, and self-healing. Normalizing the array of human emotion is a huge part of my music’s mission.

Where are you going next with your music that has you excited?

I am so excited to weave in symbolism with a variety of storytelling in my music. Being exposed to the film world for 4 years has really made an impression on me. I managed and supported film composers through major productions. This opened me up to the power of gifted screenwriters and directors. They make a point of saying several things in one frame through symbolism and fusing music to match the psychology of what that scene is trying to convey.

I have adapted those layered aspects into my own music. ‘Easter eggs’ of symbols are incorporated in many forms for the listener, visually and aurally. I am nearing the finish line towards my first EP! Part of that includes building customized artwork for each song. My team and I are working with graphic creators that can help us capture layered messages with striking visuals. Eventually, music videos will be released after the EP’s unveiling.

Is there any music in the vault?

There is definitely more music in the vault! My upcoming EP will take you into portals of emotional themes. Some of which touch on gratitude, grief, self-love, personal boundaries, narcissism, acceptance, and empowerment. Ultimately, it’s to provide an experience of healing through sound and conscious creation that will help someone feel more connected to themselves and to others. Hopefully by next year, I can start to showcase this body of work with live performances. Performing a tour of my own has been a huge dream and we’re building a solid foundation for that to become a reality soon. The journey continues!

How do you continue to grow in your music?

I continue to grow in my music by using storytelling as a form of art people can relate to. It's been a long-time dream of mine to create a cathartic space for listeners. I think people can easily resonate when I describe the personal challenges that have inspired each song’s message. Like many songwriters, my creative process heavily relies on inner reflection. Always birthing new perspectives for my music.

These realizations have given me tremendous growth personally and allowed for continuous growth into my own artistry. To me, it’s like an indirect exercise of meditation by merging awareness and presence into music. Once you stand in your authentic power, that allows others the unspoken permission to do the same.

The biggest hope is to inspire a ripple of growth from music that: deeply empathizes the personal experiences of many.

How do we stay up to date with you?

You can stay up to date with me through Instagram and Spotify. All of my social media platforms can be found on Linktree here:

If you would like to support my music and artistic team, you can become a member under my Patreon account at Building a community around creativity is a top priority for us to continue providing quality music and content for my audience. Your monthly support is invaluable for an emerging independent artist. We can’t wait to share more exciting updates with you as they unfold!

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