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How an intense self-reflection for the artist A.M. Sokoll made a difference in his music!

You have a new full length album coming out soon! How does it feel that it's almost here?!

Absolutely wild. So much has been put into this exact moment that I can't help but feel part of the journey is reaching its completion, though hopefully it will continue after its release.

Wings on the Way Down is a cool album name. How did you come up with it?

It's become my way of describing last-minute salvation. You're plummeting downward with no sign of hope, and at the very second you sprout your wings and ascend to greater heights than where you started. I knew I wanted a title with that essence, and when I thought of Wings on the Way Down I knew this was it.

Where do these songs stem from creatively?

The album is inspired by some intense therapy sessions from 2019, when how I viewed myself was challenged and it prompted a great deal of self-reflection. I was someone who overinvested in others and societal/social expectations without taking care of myself or putting what I want first. It was forced extrovertedness, and it was miserable. Coming to that realization has brought me a greater sense of peace and self. The album explores challenged identity, social dependency, isolation, autonomy and self-actualization.

Any collaborations that you're most excited for fans to hear on the album?

Funny that you asked. Other than me and my mixing and mastering engineer (who also contributed to some of the production) no one else has touched any of the material here. That said, coming out of working on an album during the pandemic has driven me to want to collaborate more (if for nothing else than it being a good time) so that it will be on the docket sooner than later.

Any visuals coming up?

My first music video is dropping soon! Hoping that it's released before the end of July but if not, it's still super exciting to have that coming down the pipe.

Give us everything we need to know in order to keep up with you and support the new album!

Wings on the Way Down can be pre-ordered and pre-saved now before it drops Wednesday, August 25! In the meantime, I released a song back in April that will be on the album as well as my EP last year, both of which you can listen to now. For those looking to follow me on social or listen to my stuff on a different platform, all those links can be accessed at

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