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Five words, Pulsar Radio is Space Rock!!

Talk to us about the name Pulsar Radio!

So during the summer of 2020, I was really inspired by space and there was a comet called Neowise passing by Earth during a global pandemic and a giant asteroid headed toward the earth as well. We went to go see the comet and I came across Pulsar Stars. They are dead neutron stars that emit Radio frequencies and light, hence the name Pulsar Radio. The band was created with the intention to help people think less about themselves and more about science and the universe and how we are just tiny specs in the grand scheme of everything!

Your sound is FIRE! How would you describe it?

Two Words: Space Rock

What moves are you making right now with your music?

Just released our first single Sea Of Dreams on Spotify and all streaming platforms! Releasing 2 more singles this month in October and a 5 song EP Interstellar Sunday in January 2022 with a tour in support of the EP.

What are your fans streaming right now?

Well if they aren't streaming Pulsar Radio then they are streaming my solo acoustic project N8 Curtis EP Burn Bright! Or Davof Bowie, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Bad Religion!

Who are you collaborating with at the moment?

Collaborating with lead guitarist Johnny Marquez from the band Vattica, Guitarist/Singer Leo Mintek from Nu Folk Rebel Alliance and Singer Miles Solay from Outernational!

What is a dream collaboration?

David Gilmore or Roger Waters from Pink Floyd!

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