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The creative Rose Starring talks the creativity of her EP Stages of Grief'.

Can we talk about how dope Stages of Grief is. It really has a vision and message. Talk to us about that...

Thank you so much! Honestly, the idea for Stages of Grief came to mind when I found myself stuck in a state of denial in order to just keep going through my daily life. At the time that I was dumped, there was simply too much going on in my life to slow down and process everything that happened. I had the idea to write a song that encompassed that state of denial, and then it hit me - why not do all five stages of grief as an EP? The idea felt crazy at first, but after running it by my best friend and my sister and being encouraged by them, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad that I did, because it really helped me to process the breakup by working on each song while I was in that stage of grief. This EP ended up healing me more than I ever could have expected. Even though it was hard to muster up the courage to release such a vulnerable project, I really wanted to send the message to others that have gone through the same thing that the only way out is through and that it is okay to fully feel your emotions. It takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable, and there is so much power in that. It amazes me how resilient human beings are.

How do you come up with your cover art?

I really try to go off the concept of every element of a song helping to relay the core message. It’s important to me for the cover art to give off the same vibe and feeling as the song(s) itself. If I’m collaborating with a photographer or artist, I usually make a Pinterest board to help give an idea of the aesthetic and concept that I’m going for. For example, I drew out the Stages of Grief album cover with little stick figures on a sticky note and sent it to my photographer before planning out the shoot!

You have great style! Where does the inspiration come from?

Thank you! Honestly, I think the reason I love to express myself with my style so much now has a lot to do with the fact that I was a big people-pleaser in the past and always felt the need to follow trends and “fit in” with whatever group I was in. When I shed this need within myself and started dressing how I truly wanted to, I felt so much more like myself! I’m inspired by people with a strong internal sense of style like Dorian Electra and Caroline Ricke, as well as fashion icons from the past to today such as Sharon Tate and Dolly Parton. Anyone who dresses exactly how they want without caring about how other people feel about it is an inspiration to me.

How do you make sure you are true to yourself with your music?

Honestly, for me there’s just no other way! My music almost always comes from something I’m directly going through or feeling, so it tends to be pretty personal and vulnerable. I see this time where I am still a small, independent artist as a time to explore my sound and even different “characters” or states of mind through my music. Of course, all of it comes from within me, but I get to explore the multitudes of what it means to be human through each new song, which is part of what I absolutely love about music.

How do you do that with your style as well?

I try to honor my inner child and ask myself, “How would 14-year-old me feel if I saw myself right now?” If I feel like I’d think I was pretty cool, then it’s a good outfit! I also try to buy my clothing second hand as much as possible and rarely shop at the mall or big brand stores. That way, my closet is always full of unique, one-of-a-kind items that truly make me happy instead of falling victim to trend cycles that end as quickly as they come and leave you with clothes you don’t truly love. This helps me stay true to my morals by avoiding fast fashion, as well!

Give us any updates we should have about new music!

I’m currently starting to work on creating an acoustic version of a couple of the tracks from Stages of Grief, as well as planning out the visuals for my upcoming singles! I’m really wanting to get some music videos done for Stages of Grief as well, so you can look forward to that coming this summer!


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