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Nygma is based out of Dallas,TX. Burnie, Colten and Caleb have been playing music together for close to 16 years, touring the US multiple times. The 3 of them met through local church functions in Mansfield, OH. Burnie met Daniel and Chris Through the local Scene in Denton, TX.

Even though NYGMA started as an outlet that wasn't faith based, you hear them touch on their faith backgrounds and beliefs in lyrics. They grew up in a church/shul, parents are pastors, etc. And with NYGMA, they wanted to explore other avenues and that's where they are.

Hi NYGMA ! Thank you for taking this interview with us! Congratulations on your music! How exciting! How long have you been making music?

We have been making music our whole lives. When you are raised in a small church, getting on stage to play sounded more appealing than anything else for us.

Why did you choose the title for the new music?

We like to make titles that stand out. We try to think outside of the box without getting too cheesy.

Can you tell our audience what the song is about?

It’s about bad hangovers. For those of you who drink, Some hangovers feel like death. I know it’s not the deepest song ever, but it’s so fun to listen to, and play.

Why did you choose to release the music now?

Why not? We are always writing, and we want to release as much music as possible.

Can you tell us the journey about making the music?

We wrote a handful of demos, and this one stood out. So we painstakingly focused on each individual part to make the song as good as possible.

What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music?

Well, it was time for a new album. We were planning on releasing this song with a handful of others for an album, but plans changed, and we are releasing singles to lead up to a new album.

Where can new fans stream it?

Nygma - YouTube

How do they follow you?

Nygma (@nygmanoise) • Instagram photos and videos

What's next for you!

We plan on releasing more music, videos, and playing many more shows. Playing shows is the best part of being in a band

Thank you for this interview!

Thanks for taking the time!

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